Have you checked is your host make regular backups automatically? Maybe you can try restore one of those?


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\n = Newline Unix-style
\r\n = Newline Wndows-style
\t = Tab

Usually used to output indented code (that's easier to read).

OMG!  A Chacmool post O.O

That's something you don't see everyday big_smile


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You can probably wait until Armageddon smile

That being said, you will get at least an official private messaging extension for 1.3.

Without looking at any code,

What is the reason you're putting the data into a new truecolor image?


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PunBB discussions, General discussion or you may want to try your luck at PunRes.

I've posted this in the dev discussion, we'll see what happens smile


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Meh.. I like 1.3 much better smile


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Try adding ".conr {white-space: nowrap}" in the css file.

Connorhd wrote:

I think the idea is, extensions would have a language folder in their own folder with a file for each language and to fall back on a default language (english in most cases I would guess) if the users selected language isn't avaliable.

Confirmed smile


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pogenwurst wrote:

I think the theme looks great, although the vertical gray/white gradients on either side of the forum don't match the its colors particularly well.

I agree, remove them for a much cleaner look.


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Rich Pedley wrote:

There are some people who navigate via voice commands, to choose/activate a link they speak it. Unfortunately the technique you have mentioned probably won't help them as the link on the screen is all they have to actually reference the it.

Even though I don't have any accessibility issues, I'd love to have that. Just lean back in your chair and surf around. Especially useful when your mouse run out of batteries as well tongue


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This query should do the trick:

SELECT COUNT(m.post_id), w.word FROM search_matches AS m INNER JOIN search_words AS w ON m.word_id = w.id GROUP BY m.word_id ORDER BY COUNT(m.post_id) DESC LIMIT 100

Change limit to how many results you want.


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We're not officially accepting bug reports regarding 1.3 yet as everything is still under heavy development. However, I'll poke someone about this.


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Oh yeah.. Now I'm gonna chose Pun too!

oh wait roll

Correct. Considering 9/13 plugins on the download page is created by PunBB devs I guess we'll take care of them.


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About the comments on sections, this kind of feature would not be added to the 1.2 branch, but will be included in 1.3 (if at all), and in that case, "signature" has it's own section/tab in profile.php.


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Currently, the post count is stored as an unsigned integer in the database meaning it can only contain positive numbers. You can switch this to a varchar, but you'll have to edit profile.php accordingly as well.

Plubyblop wrote:

I personally really like the one you have now.

It's just that we've had it for over 4 years tongue

I got it:

PunBB - No pun intended


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FBI wrote:

is UTF-8 increase database performance?
What the significant benefit of UTF-8 comparing server CPU resources?

No, it doesn't affect performance at all. The main reason to use UTF-8 is that we never have to bother about encodings again, and we can display several different charset/languages on the same page without using some ugly hack (read making htmlentities out of every character).

PunBB's developers or copyright holders cannot be held responsible for what people use it for. Therefor, you can use it for whatever you want.

This was released the other day. Not sure how well it works though.

Yes, I think you're running 1.2.14, but you're still using the 1.2.6 cache files. Try empty the cache/ folder.


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They performed some maintenance which included a power outage, the power has been restored but one of the core routers crashed in the process and needs replacing. It'll be up as soon as possible.