do these help?


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ok i used AntiBot but on my register page im getting

Notice: Undefined variable: code in /home/strictly/public_html/forum/register.php on line 329

line 327: // Add the text
line 328: imagettftext($im, $size, $rot, $oldspacing, $ypos, $black, $font, $text[$num]);
line 329: $code=$code . $text[$num];

can anyone please help


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thanks Jarkko smile

i do have email verification on and the funny thing is they where all verified sad

so what image verification is the best?


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Hello all

I seem to be getting porn and other types spam in my forum at first it was just one or two so just deleted them. when i started to look into the users to delete them and ban the ips and looked at the last few user that registered they all seemed to be fake accounts.

so i looked at the db and there seems to be loads in there so i take this one done by done script.

the ips are all different too

please can someone tell me how i can stop this sad

this forum has been really woking for me and i have started using it on a number of my clients website now and i really cant have this  going on sad



thanks for all your help smile

IE small text sorted.

pogenwurst: what OS and browers you using? looks like FF

hey i have done another punBB intergration smile

there is alot of backend intergration with the install, login, so its 100% intergrated with the website user database.

when you register on the website it registers you in the forum and also update the db when you edit your profile on both sides

Cajual wrote:

And my failed attempt at getting 1.2.5 dokuwiki to work in 1.2.10

Actually I think this is website integration into PunBB, lol.

hey very nice, the best one i seenso for smile

im going to make a new tamplate i think just for the fun of it smile

singaporemall: only did it for that website, i might release the new one im going to make

hey guys not been about for a bit good to see your all still Integrating tongue

but BluebrotherX7 your using phpbb not pun hmm


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ok its time to do some more with this forum tongue hmm how much better can i make it

can you have it change icon when there is new posts

ooo nice one, i added

i just tryed

<img src="<?php print $pun_user['use_avatar'];?>.jpg">

the avatar for the user i tested it with is 10 but 'use_avatar' returns 1

why is this

is this working on 1.2.5 yet

when is there going to be a virsion for punbb 1.2.5?

why is the width so big both in IE and FF

how can i make it smaller


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i realyl heop more people are going to start using/supporting punbb as i have chosen it over phpbb

for now hehe

i would be very interested in this too. being an active website SEO'er i would like to see how you are going to do this.

if your going to go all out on this, i would recommend at looking as the meta tags too ie like Dot was saying about having the forum subject in the title like:

Integration / Let's Start an SEO and Web Debelopment Forum...

you could also take the forum description "Integration of PunBB with a CMS, Blog, Gallery or HTML site. " and add that to the meta tag description and keywords

i will keep looking at this post and help in anyway i can. im not that great at php but i know a good deal about SEO

ok i have intergrated the login as you can see on the top right on my site

my problem is when i login on with the forum login page it does not show you logged in on my home page till you refresh the page. but when you login using the home page login it works fine.

i have made a test account so you can see for your self and help if you can

username: test
password: test

try logging in from the forum login and then from my home page login.

the same things also happends when you logout.

so some reason where ever you come from the forum to my home page is not picking up the cookie or something

please can anyone help


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ok i have done the first stage of my intergration, was very easy to use big_smile

i have intergrated the login to the rest of my website thanks to slideroll

what do you all think?

ok got it working i think big_smile

sorry for going on with out trying harder first, am not that good with php yet tongue

ok is this rite?

$punbb_path = str_repeat('../',$punbb_count).'/home/strictly/public_html/forum/';


$punbb_path = '/home/strictly/public_html/forum/';

hi chris9902

any chance you could get me some help with this? im trying ot make the punbb login work for all my site.

i have made a test page but im getting some errors

ok im about to start im website integration big_smile keep an eye on it

yes yes, i also am going to need to do this?