Connorhd wrote:

probably, why don't you try and see?

Dude---you have a really pissy attitude today. Why don't you go f*** yourself? I won't be back. It was a simple question is all. And to think I was liking this place.

Does this work with 1.2.5?

I was wondering if it works okay and if there are any problems you've had with it.

I noticed that if I don't enter the text during registration, I get an error pop up saying "Undefined is a required field". Shouldn't it say something like.."Image text is a required field"?


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Umm....there's one in the left column of site plus in the forums there's one after the first post in every thread.


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Woohoo...already made a whopping 10 cents from Google Ads tongue


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Gizzmo wrote:

you know how long it took me to look though ipb's code to see how they did it...OMG thats why i love punbb


We appreciate your work.


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I guess it would depend on the banner code and exactly where you want to place it. My guess would be to put it in include/template/main.tpl after </head> Use the pun_include so it looks sort of like this <pun_include "banner.php"> At least that's how I added my header to my forum


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Works great smile Thanks.

Thanks, works great!

How can I fix this so a certain user group won't see the ads?


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Paul wrote:

Its all irrelevant anyway, in a few years the internet will be piped into peoples homes on cable and displayed on their digital TV's. They will laugh at the notion that one upon a time people actually had to use computers for the web.

You think so? So then all these discussions will be about Sony vs Magnavox?


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I'm not afraid of it....I just dislike it.

Thanks. I'm changing everything on my site so it validates and it's a huge pain.


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I think by using IE, FF, Opera and NN I have most of the users covered. It looks  nearly identical in all 4 browsers, so hopefully, any other browsers will at least be able to "see" it. I think the lynx viewer more or less shows your pages as a robot or screen reader would see them. But, still, the prettiest web site imaginable looks like crap through lynx smile

Yes I agree it makes it easier if the styles are in alph. order. I deleted all the default styles and used my own, but I only have 5. Still, it seems weird that they just happen to be in alph. order.

Will my site still validate xhtml 1 strict when using this?


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In your admin menu click on forums then edit the categories and uncheck the box giving guests permission to view. Or, in usergroups, edit the guest group and click no where it has Read board.


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Lynx strips out everything except the text. No images, no colors, nothing but the text. To me, netscape and firefox behave almost the same. Maybe that's just because I dislike them both equally.

Mine are in alphabetical order already, but I didn't do anything to make them that way.


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erissiva wrote:
Frank H wrote:

heh, it was 4.79 ... and it doesn't support CSS by the look of it ... hehe ...

How about Lynx? *lol*

Well I did check my site in lynx and it looks the same as any other site does in lynx...[strike]shitty[/strike] crappy. Also, I installed NN 7.2 and my buttons are just fine tongue


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I redid the buttons for my board and wanted to know if they looked ok with netscape navigator. They look okay with IE, FF and Opera. I don't want to install another browser on my machine smile



No problem smile


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I added it to my 1.2.5 board. I just don't remember the exact changes I made. Read thru this thread and you should be able to make it work.