You're 100% sure you followed the readme.txt from line 177 on?
Because I never heard of this before.
I just double checked on my installs and everything's fine!


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CSS is the answer to many, but surely not all, problems.
So, instead of packing that piece of text into a "span style=color:#something" I could also define a class for it in the css files and assign that.
But in either case I still have to find that bloody string! smile
That's what I meant, not that it's difficult to change a color= in general.


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In my opinion a template engine (ie a clean separation of code and markup) would make updates a lot easier and allow for better layout customization.
I went through some frustrations scrolling through endless lines of php/html mix to find that line where I want to change the color of some text..
On the other hand this would mean more or less a complete rewrite of PunBB, who would want to do that? wink
Plus, smarty has a certain learning curve when you don't want to stick with the basics. It's a bit like a programming language of its own. They overdid it there a bit I think. I mean, what's the use of a template when it's full of programming code?


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Smartys wrote:

1. 1.3 already contains fulltext support for MySQL(i)
2. SEF URLs are again part of 1.3

Yeah, but don't ask when 1.3 will be out. tongue

Around 2 years ago I mislead myself to the belief the 1.3 release would be soon. Therefore I more or less stopped developing plugins for 1.2, which turned out to be a mistake.... wink

Sorry, I don't have all the time to read 1000+ lines of code to see where something's wrong.
Please change the line I posted above and let me know the error message you will get
If this fails then it's better to send just the affected lines, which are the ones in the readme.txt wink

Well, if it gives you this error then for sure something is wrong.
This error occurs in your modified function.php around line 76.
For testing, you could add the complete statement into the error message like this:

$db->query('INSERT INTO '.$db->prefix.'statuser (user_id, user_ip) VALUES('.$pun_user['id'].',\''.$db->escape(get_remote_address()).'\')') or error('Unable to insert into user statistics, statement was: INSERT INTO '.$db->prefix.'statuser (user_id, user_ip) VALUES('.$pun_user['id'].',\''.$db->escape(get_remote_address()).'\')', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

This will show you what the database was supposed to do.
If you don't see what's wrong post it here, maybe it tells me something.

Not necessary I think.
It's just what the message says:
You can not expect to find stats 2 minutes after installation wink

You have to copy the file into your plugins folder.

You have to add the version to line 12 in install_mod.php


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First of all, and really sorry to say, but this is unlikely to work.
You want first to find out if a user is allowed to participate.
So you need a SELECT statement.
Your INSERT statement will just insert, returning either sucess or failure.
The insert statement does not check for duplicates unless you use a primary key made of the userid AND the date.
And next, on success it will always return 1, so your script will tell [everybody to be the first.. smile

Last, the check for the "submit" value is not a useful means to find out if somebody comes from a certain page.
You need to work with $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] there, which again has issues with certain firewalls.


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mindlessoath wrote:

as a last result a much larger project to colect spam and make a filter out of it. 
This filter project will probably be something major that could even be cross platform and hosted at sourceforge, so that all forum applications could code to use it if they wanted.  this would bring great support for it!

Well. there's spamassassin.
I am pretty sure that it can be modified to filter message posts as well, or with a separate installation.
It has all one would need, blacklists, whitelist, bayesian filter.
It's just since I got addicted to PHP my Perl has started to rust... sad
Maybe some Perl god out there (I know there are still some...) wants to have a look....

Don't know then.
Are you sure you did everything in the right place?
It is absolutely impossible to see for me.
My suggestion is that you install both mods separately to see if they both work.
Only if the do you try to merge them.

Looks like there's a bracket missing here

('Unable to insert into user statistics', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());


it should be

('Unable to insert into user statistics', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

But your function.php that you posted above does not containe these lines. So there is NO way for me to see where the mistake could be... sad

Can you give me just the lines that you changed?
It is a very cumbersome task to compare two files as large as these.....


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You have to assign a second var to the inner statement.


while ($deleted_post = $db->fetch_assoc($result))
$poster = '<a href="profile.php?id='.$deleted_post['poster_id'].'">'.$deleted_post['poster'].'</a>';
$inner = $db->query('SELECT id FROM '.$db->prefix.'posts WHERE first_post=1 AND topic_id='.$deleted_post['topic_id'].' AND id!='.$deleted_post['id']);
if ($db->num_rows($inner) == '1')
    $restore = '0';
    $restore = '1';


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Both drupal and Joomla are quite popular.
If you want to use them for a company website you should consider the following problems (which also go for most of the rest):
1. Can you use your design?
The answer is a simple no. All CMS systems (have to) follow a certain scheme, so with a little practice you can tell which website has been done with what CMS. This may be a OK for new projects or private sites where you can design after the CMS guidelines. But companies normally give you a layout to work with.

2. Has it all features the company wants?
Both drupal and joomla come with a lot of plugins/extensions that let you do almost anything you like. However, this often has performance impact so one has to be careful not to use too many.
On the other side, most CMS systems come with a wealth of features that you will never use, making the whole thing  a bit more cumbersome to handle.

3. Can it be updated?
For both of them the answer is "in theory, yes".
However, if you really do a lot of customization because your company needs it, especially in the script sources, you will have a big problem.

4. Are they secure?
Not more or less than all other OS applications. You must be ready for regular updates (see above...) then everything will be OK.

Conclusion: I don't know if I would ever use one of them (or any other) for a company job.
The alternative is, as mentioned, write your own.

As for the above comments on "rolling your own": It may be more work to write it but you will get this time back: First of all, you understand (hopefully) your own code a lot better, making it easier to change/update the scripts. Second, you will have exactly the features you need, so it will be faster to work with and easier to extend.
And for the security: Agreed, a custom made script will probably have more leaks than a big public one where thousands look at the code.
But this is also their weakness: A script that nobody knows the source of may have holes but nobody knows about them. This leaves potential hackers to guess, a time consuming process that many are too lazy for.
Whereas bugs in OS apps appear on the internet, and then you have to update fast or you will fall victim for some bored teenies. Because you're just a google search away. 
So, in theory OS CMS systems are more secure, in practice I found that handmade ones are. Provided that you know what you're doing and don't leave your front door too wide open....


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There's a wysiwyg BBCode plugin for phpBB:

Don't see why that shouldn't be portable to PunBB wink

I don't really know.
Doesn't happen on my installations.
Maybe another mod of yours or an installation error.... really difficult to say.....sorry.


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Here you go:

Sorry for the delay, been on holidays... smile
Anyway, the problem is that the uploaded image is just a part of the message.
So if there is nothing else than the image it is still considered to be a message...
just imagine somebody has text and an image to upload.
Do you want the message to vanish just because the image upload failed?
However, it is possible to check if a post is an image-only one and if so, not enter it when the upload fails.
As soon as I am happily back at my own computer I'll have a look wink


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Rickard wrote:

As much as I'm a fan of the "do it yourself instead of using some bloated framework" approach, you could have a look at one of the lighter framworks. For example Prototype.

I'm using Xajax which is easy to implement and quite bug free meanwhile.
They use punbb for their forum of course. smile
What i love about it is that you can do a lot of things without having to write a single line of that pesky JavaScript.

As for Prototype:
Is there any documentation?
I'm always into learning new things but do I really have to download & install everything before getting a clue how it works?
Or if it actualyl  works for me at all?


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Dr.Jeckyl wrote:

what are YOU doing on your boards(doesn't have to be PunBB, it's all spam no matter what forum you use) to combat it, prevent it, fight back?

I don't allow guest posts (guests suck. Whoever is too coward to even register with a disposable email address has not deserved posting Dot tongue )
Plus I'm using the captcha mod along with email verification which prevents robot  registrations.

elbekko wrote:

An URL count is included in my spam protection mod. You can just take that one

Even better. So if there is a spam protection mod why this lengthy discussion then? tongue

I just wrote a small piece of code that helps against spammers who promote lists of URLs (like they mostly do).

Open post.php
Go to somewhere around line 156 (My board is a bit moodified...)
Above "// Validate BBCode syntax" enter

    preg_match_all("|http\://|", $message, $match);
    if(count($match[0]) > 2)    {
        $errors[] = $lang_post['Spam message'];

And in your lang/<LANG>/post.php enter somewhere in the $lang_post-Array

'Spam message'        =>    'This appears to be spam.',

Works for me....
however, it means that  users are not allowed to post more than two URLs.
Well, you can change the number but then it  makes less sense.