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Is there a good writeup of the changes extension developers need to take in to account for 1.4? I've been really busy lately but I want to at least update my released extensions to be 1.4 compatible.

So far I am aware of:

  • $forum_db->num_rows() being deprecated

  • use $forum_loader for CSS + JS

If that's it, I'll probably get around to updating my extensions ASAP.

Wow, congrats! That looks like a very nice IDE.

That's doable. You'd set up a group for paid users, and give that group read/post permissions to the paid forum, while denying all other groups read access to it.


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Everything you're asking for is very possible with PunBB. What you're going to need however, is a talented theme designer and a competent programmer. Site integration is fairly easy (there's a method for adding a user so you don't have to do it as a mysql query, which means you can pretty easily integrate it in your main site's registration code). As for doing things "on purchase", could you extrapolate a bit on what you mean? I'm inclined to say yes, it's possible, but it couldn't hurt to know a little more.

All in all if you have a theme designer who is good with HTML and CSS and a programmer who is good with PHP and mySQL you'll be able to do all the things you mentioned.

Check out this extension, does it fit your needs?


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How did you try to add a banner?

Have you tried this extension?


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Did you run the update_db.php script?


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md wrote:

is it safe to upgrade to 1.3.6? in currently on 1.3.5 and want to know if its worth the upgrade

You should probably read the OP at the top of the thread, where it says:

This is a critical update. We strongly recommend that you update your forum!


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If I have some free time, I might be able to make an extension that does this. Where would you want to display the top poster? I'm thinking in the bottom where it shows who's online?



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To the best of my knowledge, the universal converter only works with ipb <= 2.0, and I'm also pretty sure it converts to punbb 1.2.x.


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Well for starters, what kind of customization do you want?

http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … video-tag/

Please make sure to search before posting a topic asking for something- this was right on the first page of the "supported extensions" forum.


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fantasma wrote:

please add a demo or screens

Okay, added screens.


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Have you considered upgrading to 1.3.5? Then you can just use this extension for the image in the header. As for the background image, you could just change the image file currently being now and adjust it in the css of your theme.


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Where do you want to add images? And do you know CSS?


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You could ask these guys for their script, but they might not want to distribute it. However, you could probably roll your own since you have the requisite experience.


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Do you have any PHP experience? Any webmaster experience? Do you have a dedicated host (not a shared hosting account)? If not, I'd strongly recommend that you don't start a free forum host.

If you reinstalled the extension and don't have a backup of your db, probably not.


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joejoe wrote:

Just one minor tweak possibility (otherwise it's great!). If you search for a user's recent posts, the hyperlink will show up in the recent posts (eg: search-posts-user). Not sure if this is fixable or not.

Okay, should be fixed when viewing user's posts and just in search results in general. If you have any problems, let me know. (Updated download link is in the OP).


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Looks like a custom job for a 1.2.x version.


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Yeah that can probably be addressed. I'll do that sometime tomorrow.


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You can add more links at the bottom of the settings page in the admin control panel.

Is safari displaying a cached version of the page? I've never used it (so I'm not sure how to clear the cache) but that's my first guess based on the symptoms you described.


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Okay, it's done. Check it out here.