Wow, that would be great- I haven't touched this guy in a while (partly because of being busy finishing school, partly because I'm comfortable just cramming stuff in the DB manually), but I'll give it a once over to neaten it up and make it 1.4 compatible this weekend!


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See the "parameters" section.


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Weird, error doesn't show in PHP 5.3.8. But it was my mistake, I had confused heredoc and nowdoc syntax.

Updated to 1.1.3 in OP- can I move this to "supported extensions" forum or is that only for official extensions?


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I can't seem to reproduce the error- what settings are you using + what version of php are you running?


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Will check it out!


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Probably … -by-daris/.

I don't think there's a version for 1.4.x though sad


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Hey- KeyDog requested that I share any information that I had on the proper use of the forum_loader class. I have only worked with it a little in one of my extensions, but I made the following page on the wiki: … rum_loader

My understanding of the forum_loader is not complete, but if anyone has more information and would like to fill it in, please do so! The forum_loader class is a really great feature for extension developers, and with some good documentation hopefully everyone will find it easy to use smile


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Merry Christmas, and Happy Hannukah!

That file is a "minified" version of the forums CSS. The reason for minifing CSS (and java) is that it reduces your load times.

If you do a quick google search for "CSS unminifier" and "CSS minifier", you'll find tools you can use to "decompress" and "recompress" the CSS.


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Federer Photography wrote:

Is there a way to make links open in a new window (target="_blank")


Links in posts?

That could probably be done easily with an extension.


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Maybe if you're having a particular problem, we can help you solve it instead of downgrading.


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Kushi wrote:

Dinosaurs shall die

Well put wink


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If you just want to change the text/add an image, the easiest way is probably to just edit your language pack and modify the text.

If you're looking for something a little more robust you could write an extension to do it, but I would not suggest editing the actual punbb code.


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It probably wouldn't help, since the css file is minified anyway.

What about the redirect page do you want to edit?


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Great work- I really like it.


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Thank you for updating this great extension!


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I believe $forum_db->num_rows() was deprecated.


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Yes, updated to use forum_loader for css.

Thanks- this solves the error perfectly!

I ran into another IE7 error however, this time involving the 1.4 pun_bbcode extension. When the bbcode bar is enabled, every keypress when the post message box has focus results in the following error:

This error only happens when the bbcode bar is enabled.
It does not happen on
When I disable pun_bbcode it does not happen.
When pun_bbcode is enabled, but the bar is turned off in user preferences, it does not happen.

Hopefully that information is useful in tracking down the bug.


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I think you should drop support for IE6.

Microsoft themselves are phasing out IE6 in 2014, so removing 2 years early isn't a big deal. Even Google has stopped supporting IE6.

What would be important is that users who visit a PunBB forum with IE6 are notified that their browser is incompatible and that they should upgrade. Then, the onus is on them do to something about it.

Using IE7 in IETester:

Error appears immediately on page load.

dimkalinux wrote:

Ok, im check this.

Thank you for the speedy response.

One of my users using IE7 started reporting this error after the upgrade to 1.4. He claimed that when typing a message, on every keystroke he would get a script error. I have tried to reproduce the error using IETester, and I seem to be getting the error on every page I go to.

Here is a screenshot of the error:

I have tried disabling all extensions, and the error still appears under IE7. It appears on both my forum and these boards.

Could this be the problem? … or-number/

In your config.php add this line to the bottom

define('FORUM_TURN_OFF_MAINT', 'true');

Log in, then immediately remove that line from your config.php.