Do you have any demo I can look at Kushi?

Got ya. It's similar to my PHP project as school here

dimkalinux wrote:

In PunBB 1.4 avatar handling fucntion is changed. Better look into source code.

This is true. When I was playing with it, I realized the PunBB 1.4 is totally different to version 1.3. Better read the code, and PunBwiki only supports 1.3.

Are you trying to do something like this? If yes, I think I can help.

Very nice Kushi. I like it. I think making the bubble sticky should be easy for Kushi smile

Btw, I havent looked inside the code yet. I wonder if it was done by changing the width or moving the entire div tag?

I already told you the issue comes from the css file. Try to follow the instruction above.

delete the "padding: 0"

or you can change it to "auto" instead of 0

Go to line 896 and delete the padding: 0

It looks like this:

.brd .main-content .main-item p, .brd .main-content .main-item .hn {
padding: 0;

They did not disappear. Someone has done some modifications in the css file that caused the changes. I can still see it smile


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I have not made icons for the default Oxygen yet. Plus, this does not have options for signature. I am basically not allowing ppl to use img and vid in signature.


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All demos have been redirected to


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You mean to add more links into the nav links or to add the nav links to your webpage? If you wanna add more to the existing nav links, you can find in administration - settings - setup - Add your own links to the main navigation menu


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if he says so, yes Kushi you must do it big_smile ... hahaha, jk tongue


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Thank you all for your supports. I have found a solution and got it working. In my case at least, parsing HTML with regular expressions was needed. I knew the patterns and just wanted to do it that way. Overall, it was a good experience using it. The extension I was working on is Fancybox2. I tried to get the image tag and video tag work with the Fancybox. Check out the result page


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Hey, I was wondering if anyone could see that little overflow. Nothing else I couldve expected from you Quadric. You spotted it so fast lolz ... anyway, I have fixed it. Hope you like it.

For everyone, try to post a video so I can see the consistency please smile


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I think you should learn so that you can write things you like. Kushi has done very good job on making themes. Dont ask him too much for personal needs imo smile


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I am pleased to announce that both img tags and vid tags are working with fancyBox rite now. Check out the link below for demos

  • For images: check out this

  • For videos: check out this

Let me know what you think.

Perhaps You should take a look on fancy_video_tag and spy some solution .

I did check out that extension Kushi. Yeah, it was very complex for me to understand the regular expressions without a debugging tool. I had to manually output every single step on the way.


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The extension is not ready yet. I am still working on the video tag. I will release it when its done.


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Thanks, I did research and it was too complicated for me to convert a long text like this. Can you help me write a pattern? sad


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Hi mighty coders,

For example I have a code below:

<a href=""></a>

Can anyone show me how or which PHP function should I use to extract the "" part only?

Please help. Much much appreciated


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coolternet wrote:

where can i get him ?

Get who? I am here smile

Quadric, any chance you can help me solve this issue?
On my forum, I have bbcode [vid][/vid] for videos. All i need is a parser to turn it into <a class="fancybox.iframe" href="user input">Watch video</a>

The reason for this is that I wanna use fancyBox for videos as well. I have the fancyBox for images, now just a bit of work more I can get both to work on fancyBox, then I can release the extension smile

Please please any supporters smile

You can do this way:

  • Go to main.tpl - declare an include <!-- forum_include "language.php" -->

  • Go to css file - style it (i.e. width, height, color)

  • Go to include/user - put your "language.php" there, then code it


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LIKE on Kushi's idea. I have seen a chatbox where it auto-bans the user based on some strict criteria such as no commercials, or bad language. So, is it fully functional?


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Hi supporters,

I am running into a problem where I have created a login box. Every time a user is successfully logged in, POST, DELETE, EDIT functions stop working. I could not create a new post, could not edit or delete. When I take out the include code block in main.tpl, its back to normal. I wonder if anyone sees anything wrong with the codes?

link to site:

This is the main.tpl

<!-- forum_include "customlogin.php" -->

This is the "customlogin.php" I created. I put this file in include/user/

    $forum_page['form_action'] = forum_link($forum_url['login']);
    $forum_page['hidden_fields'] = array(
        'form_sent'    => '<input type="hidden" name="form_sent" value="1" />',
        'redirect_url'    => '<input type="hidden" name="redirect_url" value="'.forum_htmlencode($forum_page['redirect_url']).'" />',
        'csrf_token'    => '<input type="hidden" name="csrf_token" value="'.generate_form_token($forum_page['form_action']).'" />'

<div id="customlogin">
    <form method="post" action="<?php echo $forum_page['form_action'] ?>">
        <?php echo implode("\n\t\t", $forum_page['hidden_fields'])."\n" ?>
        <p><label class="label">Username:</label></p>
        <p><input id="fld1" type="text" name="req_username" value="" maxlength="320" tabindex="1" class="input" /></p>
        <p><label class="label">Password:</label></p>
        <p><input id="fld2" type="password" name="req_password" value="" maxlength="320" tabindex="2" class="input" /></p>
            <input type="submit" name="login" value="Login" />
            <label><span><input id="fld3" type="checkbox" name="remember" tabindex="3" /></span>Keep me logged in</label>       

P.S. I know for sure its something to do with the token.


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That is how its supposed to work. Thanks for confirming smile