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Kushi, is the fancybox login included in this extension?


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I have found a problem where the thumbup and thumbdown only show up in a post. I dont see it in other posts. Any idea why?


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I have a question, how hard it is to tweak the shoutbox visible to guests without the submit textbox? What I want is for guests to read only, then if they want to chat they have to log in.


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Do you have a public account for demo?


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that you cant change unfortunately big_smile


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Rename the Oxygen theme to something else (i.e. @Oxygen). Your theme will apply. Take out the "@" if you want to use Oxygen again. Dont delete Oxygen theme.


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Sorry, I just look at your picture again. Seems like you use 2lvl drop-down nav bar. Its different story.


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You are in the wrong place. You should post in Trouble-shooting.

How-to: Login - Administration - Settings - Setup - Enter your links (read and follow). Basically, you can add more items to the header navigation bar, then style it your way with css. Hope this helps.


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released here


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I'm sorry for the delay. I tried to finish it earlier, but projects at work held me off. I am finally able to release the bundle of 3 extensions. I hope they work well.

Suggestion for you: Make a login box using Fancybox. I tried and succeeded, but after a user logged in, that person was not able to post, edit, or delete posts. Some problem with security tokens and I didnt know how to fix it >.>


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Have you tried mine yet? It seems like we both work on the same extension :-/

Feature: Overlay images and videos to the current page.


  • fancy_box

  • pun_bbcode - v1.4.18 (upgraded from official plugin. The only difference is it has YouTube <vid> tag button)

  • pun_query - v1.7.1 (upgraded from official plugin)

This is similar to the fancybox by Kushi. The extension is independent. The only dependency needed is the "pun_jquery" which is included. More effects and animations, better transitions.

Feedback is highly recommended and appreciated

Download here

Oh, wrong topic >.< where should I ask about it then?

Kushi wrote:

Nothing to do with jquery in this particular extension wink.

No, no jquery. I just wonder how you init the fancybox() in document.ready

I also have another question: can you post your js file here? I wanna see how you do the document.ready function

Excellent job, Kushi. Correct me if I am wrong. you are using FancyBox 1, aren't you? FancyBox2 is available at this. I have a suggestion for you. Make FancyBox a default video player using <vid> tag. I know we have an extension for html5 vid player, but that one does not overlay. Let me know your thinking.

P.S. since the default parser does not have vid or video tag, it is quite complex coding it.


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Hi ams,

Just a question whether you have looked at Ajax Chat yet? It is well-supported and documented. And only a few steps to get it integrated into Punbb. It will be nice if you work on this. I played around with it, and I realized that if someone with enough knowledge of Punbb can actually do the integration very quick. I hope you consider this

P.S. last time I integrated it worked very well except you had to create your own account to chat. It also had the function calls where you could use Punbb registered users instead, but I did not know how to code this.

Hi developers,

As far as I can see, Punbb indeed needs an official extension for this essential feature. I have been trying and using some unofficial extensions created for Punbb 1.4.x, but none of them were well-supported. I mean they were great, but it would have been the best if created by PunBB developers. Instead of trying to do everything from scratch, I suggest to take a look at the Ajax Chat. It says this plugin can integrate nicely with PunBB. I tried to mess around with Ajax Chat, but unfortunately, my knowledge and experience about Punbb is limited. It was hard to me to understand how to actually do the integration. Few steps .. only few steps needed and we can have a nice chatting feature for everyone here smile. I have listed the official link for Ajax Chat and the custom integration documents. I hope your considerations.

Official link: Ajax Chat
Documentation: Custom integration howto


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I just implemented this on my forum. Seems good so far. See this. Thank you for this extension.

P.S. you must log in to see the chat or view chat messages

I dont know about that. Try to check Punbbwiki then. Hope it will help.

Thaledric wrote:

Hum... your script doesn't work...
$avatar_filename is not declared...

There's any $forum_user['---'] variable who contains the avatar filename ?

Sorry I was too clumsy. Here is the entire code for it

    switch ($forum_user['avatar'])
        case FORUM_AVATAR_GIF:
            $avatar_filename = $forum_user['id'].'.gif';

        case FORUM_AVATAR_JPG:
            $avatar_filename = $forum_user['id'].'.jpg';

        case FORUM_AVATAR_PNG:
            $avatar_filename = $forum_user['id'].'.png';

        case FORUM_AVATAR_NONE:
            $noavatar = TRUE;
            $noavatar = TRUE;

I am wondering what PHP framework developers used to make PunBB?

Check out the Pun_Toggle_Cats. It uses the same idea. I am unable to understand the code either hmm

Very impressive Kushi. One suggestion, when you click on the pin, make it stick rite there, dont let it go back to the main. It is much nicer that way wink

When I made my theme, I figured out that there was not a full path for your avatar. You would need to custom make the path with function calls provided in PunBB.

<a href="<?php echo forum_link($forum_url['user'],$forum_user['id']); ?>"><img id="avatar" src="<?php echo($base_url); ?>/<?php echo($forum_config['o_avatars_dir']); ?>/<?php echo($avatar_filename); ?>" /></a>

This would produce an <a> tag with an image avatar. Hope it helps.