hi cherry... yes its possible.  However, for now its on the "wish list".
Only so much time available to spend on these things 8^P
If I am the one who will write it, I cannot say when it may happen, but I think its fairly high on the wish list compared to most ;^)
Of course, anyone may jump in at anytime and whip it out...

Hi Folks,
..sorry for the delayed response, I have sudden pressing family matters that are requiring a lot of my time at the moment, thus I have scant time ffor work at the momment.... so please be patient for my responses, ...and please don't tune out, this is very important to me!

@Jansson: I did not originally write this mod, so I will not know the answer to your question until I investigate further, which I will try to do within the next couple days  (good question ;^)

@Smarty's: thank you for that link and that code.  I am going to check it out.  I wonder if I can use it on the fly for setting the memory only while that particular command is running, or if I will still have to set that in htaccess as a permanent mem usage allowance (which I don't want to do).  I would bet that I cannot do it on the fly.  That's why I want to find out if I can chunk-out the command mem usage with some sort of buffering... I mean, I am wondering if that's how this sort of thing would be typically handled, or what....

Thanks so much for responding (both of you)... I will look into it further as I can and be watching and posting back here ;^)

I am working on that.  There's a quick-fix that Gizzmo suggested, but I haven't had time to play with it yet.  Better to post over at punres for this.  I will followup there on it.

Hi Folks,  I need the experts on this one... will you please check me on this?

I am getting the following error message when I pump up the file size allocation in PBB Gallery, i.e., if I set the maximum file height to somewhere over 4000, the following is returned:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2087 bytes) in /xxxxxx/public_html/forumdirectory/include/functions.php on line 888

What I am trying to do is allow for the possibility of very tall images (snapshots taken from scrolling documents).  The actual file sizes are only about 250kb. 

I suspected the problem is something to do with output buffering and using "imagecreatetruecolor" in php, and after reading this (http://us3.php.net/manual/en/ref.outcontrol.php#54102) and trying it out I have at least confirmed it is definitely related to 'memory need' for processing the image, (and possibly output buffering, but I am uncertain there).  I.e., if I apply <code: php_value memory_limit 50M> to my htaccess file I can cause it to work (meaning the file uploads and processes sucessfully).

Of course, I am very concerned about leaving a memory limit setting so high `8^P.  I cannot fathom this is truely necessary?!  There must be some other way to be addressing 'the need' here, but I need your insights to help sort out the understanding to the proper method/approach to use (?).  Do I try some sort of output buffering 'in chunks' or something (but this isn't really to do with outputting)?? 

Over my head... Really need some expert advice here.  Please help!


PS: Please don't flame me for cross-posting.  I originally posted about this inside the pbb galley topic at punres, but my sense is that this is not really getting the attention it requires 'being buried' in there (where it seems it has not been seen by those who may be able to make a differnce ;^).  So I decided it needed its own topic.

Here are some interesting and useful links:
http://www.barelyfitz.com/screencast/ht … sitioning/
http://www.positioniseverything.net/exp … ndent.html
http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=m … h+float+IE

Remember, punbb has a clearer you can apply (you will see it in the ids in some tags ;^)
Hope this helps.

yeah.. its like freaking black magic sometimes ! lmao..

Hi lie...
It looks perfect in Firefox.  The issues appears to me to be Div column control issues in IE.

One thing I notice... forum search, "search results as' does not wrap in IE, so it extends to the right of the text box appearing there, effectively interfering with the div containing the calendar on the right and thus pushing a section of it down.
Possibly simply properly breaking that line will help... but I would concern over more properly handling the div-columns management thing. 
I fixed a problem similar to this in the Calendar mod where the week display was goofy in IE.  I don't remember offhand, but you can probably find a discussion on it at punres in the calendar2 mod topic, and find the code in the calendar file.

Hope this helps.

guido... check this:


(5 replies, posted in General discussion)

I ran into this site section at Brian Zimmer's.  I resonate with his express desire (must run on LAMP) and apreciate his fairly-thorough (considering the breadth of the topic) discussion in that vein.  I am not yet delving in to cms and have a bit to learn about it, but its at my doorstep and this question is on my mind as well.

Here is a link to his discussion, and he reviewed 3 cms platforms:
http://www.zimmertech.com/tutorials/web … torial.php

HipStiff wrote:

I get the same problem as yellowpunk..

This is a mystery to me.  Without looking at your files, and possibly your installation, I simply don't have a clue.  I wonder if you (and others) are installing the latest version and checking the relevant thread over at punres, where all the work for this mod is taking place?

If you wish, if you click on my profile and send me a note with your email address, I will reply so you can then send me attachments of your gallery install files so I can look at them and give you more feedback.   Please ut PBB Gallery in the subject line.


teme wrote:

How can I modify or add a description after an image has been posted?

You can't... we didn't fix that yet ! lol !

I looked at your file today.
I only found one error in the file, ....comparing to the original 2.07b1 full dated 2/13/2007
and this would not affect any of the problems you describe. 

Of course, that revision has patches posted for it, and I observe Patch 1, which directly addresses your issue of the edit button,  is not applied (either at all or correctly).
Go here: http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?pid=13826#p13826
That should fix it.

I suggest you focus your attention at the punres forum discussion pertaining to this mod, and not here.  None of the fixes or progress on the Calendar are being posted or sorted out here.  I think if you carefully check out and apply the patches posted thus far, and search that thread for issues pertaining to dealing with guests, you will have all your answers.

I hope this helps.


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Okay, I found it... its at JenniferMC's (punres memeber) site...


I will track her down and ask about it.


(7 replies, posted in PunBB 1.2 discussion)

Somewhere I saw something very close to this recently, it was rather nice too... can anyone remember if this is a mod (I can't find one) or who has done this, and where I can pick up on that?

Thank you, naitkris!

I think the following describes my changes more clearly:
   - Sub forums now display in order of 'disp_position' on Index as set in Admin CP
   - Option to set sub forums view for 'inline' or 'multi-line' listing on Index, *or toggle them off
   - *Option to hide the sub forums listed at top when viewing parent forum (in viewforum...not on index). 

Last one is..., when you click a parent forum, the subforums are listed at the top above it.  This edit toggles displaying those subforums on or off.

Thanks naitkris for all your work on this.
PS... be sure you check the date of my last edit to the posted readme this afternoon... I hope you saw I was testing it and made a couple minor changes, and then removed the note that said HOLD.


PS: I tested naitkris' new readme, and its solid. Thanks n!


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no pressure, rickard, eh?

mystic wrote:

hmm it still cant...weird...

I've checked the database; nothing seems wrong. Furthermore; i tried to delete/add event inside phpmyadmin, it still does highlight on the small calendar but cant access...blank page still..

It would be more helpful if you post more precisely of what you actually did or didn't do, especially with regard to all suggestions beign posted here, as "it still cant" and the only mentioning checking the database... doesn't really give us enough to go off of (maybe you tried out one or two suggestions, or all of them ???). 
   And did you confirm with your host regarding any upgrades to your services they may have performed (like php upgrade they may have implemented)?

If you tried the other suggestions unsuccessfully, and your host has not implemented updates, then I think what I would do is install another fresh copy of punbb (using a prefix) into a new folder (say, 'testforum' or something), and then begin installing my mods one at a time, starting with the problem one, in this case the calendar mod, being sure to configure each one fully the why I wanted it before moving on to the next.

If I was successful in rebuilding the forum structure including installing all my mods in good working  order, then I would begin copying the original database tables into the new ones, essentially populating my new tables with the original information, one at a time and testing along the way. 

The idea is that while you rebuild the forum you should eventually run into where a problem arises, OR, in the off chance you don't, you will have succeeded in rebuilding a good working version of your forum and then be able to migrate it into place of the original.

I am sorry,  I simply cannot right now think of some other way to troubleshoot this (without hands -on access).

I hope this helps. Good luck.

I wonder, yellowpunk's problem was php version, and possibly the server (since it seems he reinstalled it as well).
I canno thelp but wonder how this might relate to either imagecreatetruecolor (I would read up on it php.net to see if there's a tip that jumps out), or chmod setting in gallery_post.php...


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All Work as described on Win2k in
IE 5.5
Phoenix Firebird 0.7
FireFox 1.0.6

Does this relate?


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How exciting!  Looks like good (and thoughtful) work, Kristoffer.  Makes me look forward with a little less dread of upgrading ;^)


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Hmmm... I am wondering, couldn't you simply combine the tables after installing one forum at a time using the prefixing feature? ....and then simply either use the database manager, or even download the database tables and use a simple editor ...for combining the forum and users and groups tables?

BTW, I would conduct each installation, including the first one, utilizing a prefix.  You will see uniquely identifiable groups of tables in the database, which makes it easy to merge/copy/etc between the tables.  you should be able to easily test this.

Make sense?

lie2815 wrote:

roll OOps, I really missed something there. The dumm thing is though, that would change the link colors everywhere, wouldn't it?

Yes and no...
In "1.Readme..."  #14 clearly states some installations may not require the ".pun" adjustment... that's because i havven't spent time on it to sort it out better.

However, if you continue reading you will see that #15 assigns css codes for only the calendar.

I think this should be readily clear.
If anyone thinks it could be explained better in the readme, please share your thoughts.
I hope this helps ;^)


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Is this the correct understanding...
you wish to setup several forums,
and then provide unique rights for viewing each one 
to differnt groups of users

If so, then maybe it would work to import and setup your forums,
and then setup unique user group rights to each of them,
and then add your users to the relevant unique user group(s) that provides them access to the forum that that group has rights to view.

This is what I do.... does this make sense?

o0O..does anyone ever actually read the readme's?? 0Oo

lie... look in the place in the readme where it says you can customize your own colors.