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1) you may need to chmod the cache folder permissions to 777 (in your installation directory) and/or delete your cache files within it (delete all the files except index.html .htaccess inside - I think this should work
2) just for asurance, you may wan to double-check the setting for  the url base in adminstration:options 
3) under userlist you will find what Idirected you to if you carefully read what I wrote...
Userlist:<user>:administration:'choose user group'  Click in succession where <user> = a particular user.

Hope thiis helps,


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First of all, the link to atis mod that MikeRulez posted will work perfectly, just be sure to read the post through to the end for changes to atis' readme [posted by yours-truly].

For usergroup assignment, do this (its funny, a forum admincame to me only minutes ago asking the same thing (she thinkks its hard to remember where to find this 1)...
Userlist:<user>:administration:'choose user group'



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On page 1 AlanCollier suggested 'people power' vs spam sentiment by relying on an "active community of moderators".  Its funny because about 2 post before his I was wondering the same thing.
   I mean, some forms of automation may be helpful, but the challenge seems to be how to not be bogging down the systems and administrators with complex automated utils that then require more sophisticated administrative management, and don't totally serve becasue they cannot 'think' on their own well enough). (sigh - @#$%@ BOTS!)
   Maybe something really simple like using an "automated system for creating and managing an internal-network of would-be moderators out of existing members" would actually provide a smart and low overhead defense?
   But we already have moderator group availability you say...

   Maybe it would work something like this (and maybe this would be different?):
- Create criteria for allowing members who fulfill the criteria to join 'anti-spam moderator group'.
- Obviously it would have to be a system based in/on trust... (but consider, trust is a human characteristic bot-spam will probably never have or be able to emulate/automate (in our lifetimes anyway?), thus a system based in trust might well be a most powerful and simple tool (if we could figure out the best way to be leveraging that)...
- Those qulaifying to elect to volunteer to join this anti-spam moderator group would only have the responsibility and priviledges for deleting spam-posts, and possibly even spam-members (however you choose to set the criteria for that).  They would not have any other moderator priviledges.  (Some sort of checks and balances system could be discussed and sussed out for what might be the best ways for managing the members of this group, of course.)
- The idea here would be to enable the ability for the automated evolvement and maintenance of a virtual network of human thinking anti-spam tools (every fool is a tool, eh?).  (As opposed to the automated evolvement and maintenance of all sorts of blacklists and such (for ips, urls, words, ad nauseum) which isn't really so automated, because the minute you build something to think a certain way, it starts becoming outdated (but a basically intelligent human being seem sto always recognize what spam is or isn't ;^)...

It seems this is the sort of "feature-set" for a forum that would require very little:
- very basic modification to the forum itself,
- without requiring continual updates and maintenance of a/some utility(s) (because its not an anti-spam, or group of, anti-spam utilities, it would be a simple feature),
- as membership grows, the shear number of people-force would prpbably outweigh the ability of the  spam-bot force out there to be potentially overwhelming or taking down your system(?),
- and then who knows what other way-more simple protection tools might evolve to for enabling better leverage of/for the human driven anti-spam-moderator group?
- oh, and it may allow for additional usage of other existing anti-spam tools with less maintenance overhead?

???I wonder???

Does this really sound all that -stupid- or -unviable-?
Am I overlooking something obvious that renders this idea 'a non-idea'?  (Maybe this was thought out in the stone-henge days of anit-spam dev, and they tossed it because...?   
...added later-however, I know they're thinking about this art punres, because I just went there and read this http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=1848  ;^P
What do you think? 
And if its a good idea, then maybe this feature capability should be built into 1.3, if only to facilitate the potential viability to prove itself out or not - lets see who uses it and how well it adapts to fighting spam?


PS: if you think I got my head up 'it', please be gentle pulling out, okay?

ok, ty Smarty


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ty pogen.


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If you have cpanel (or similar) for your site, you not only have phpmyadmin, but also, onthe main page, look for "backup"... it will allow you to perform an ftp-style (non-http, so not limited in size) zipped up download (and upload) of your databases ;^)

Also, for large files, when I wish to deal with only a table, I use phpmy admin to download the table, I edit directly the way I want, and when I am read to upload I delete the table online via phpadmin and then upload the new/edited table.  (I haven't taken time to figured out how to do it without having to delete the existing online table, but I bet its possible).

Hope this helps.

I wonder why this didn't work for erinther (the other post referenced here)?

Well, Thank you Plub...
I really apreciate this thread because I have been trying to understand the use of prefix and figure out how I might best approach installing more forums (especially like a mirror forum for pre-testing adding mods to an existing 'live/active' forum configuration). 

Would the recommendation here generally be that if you decide to install mutliple forums on your site you "best" go ahead and use the same database (utilizing prefixes), and that way if you wish to later cross-work anything then that capability will potentially be available?
Generally speaking, What are important considerations to be taking into account for deciding to use a separate database, or using the same one (with prefixing)?
(Sorry if these seem a perocial questions... just want to be certain of the value of the intention for same or separate database usage.)



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You know, as well it would be nice if when you click on a user's profile there was not only a link for their posts they have made, but for the topics they are subscribed to.  I think  this would be very very useful.

Ahn, on punres they have "most popular" sections in their menu...  I bet what you are asking about is readily available already.


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How does that work?... How do they provide that sort of hosting for free?

Interesting dearam...
Also there's the UserAccess Restriction mod by Atis.  That's what we tried and works just as we wish.  Find it at punres - search for userlist. (Don't know how carefule I should be about posting links... is it better to just tell someone how to find it like this?)

qie, if you are using mod-rewrite, and you are saying someone is unwantedly accessing your site and collecting your files, or attaching to them,  theres two things I have gleaned at appache...

1) you need to be careful when using mod-rewrite not to unwittingly allow someone to be able to rewrite your urls!  I am not an expert, you should reseach this if you use mod-rewrite (try webmasterworld ;^)

2) theres a known mod_rewrite vulnerability... I was just reading about that at apache (I forget where - but you can easily find it (probably on the front page) I am sure.  They are urging upgrade/patching (I forget which).  I didn't read everything about it because I am not running my own server right now (blew up a while back and haven't had time to rebuild it 8^P), but I found it while studing up on mod_rewrite.  I would say go to apache and research this, it may be your issue.

I think it was mentioned that one could also try using some other protection codes in .htaccess if updating apache is not acceptable... just cannot recall clearly.  Try using all search words "mod_rewrite subdomain redirect vulnerability" (without the quotes of course) -google- and -webmasterworld- especially.
Hope this helps.

--my teh brain hurts today :^$

Huh? I don't get it...  Maybe I am being a bit thick-headed here...
So you have a pre-existing punbb forum? (I see pics!)
Did you set that one up, or did someone else?
You do not have a site anymore?
But you do have punbb-pre-existing site to integrate?  ...where?
You do/don't have files from the pre-existing?
You got something running but needs to be modded?

Maybe everyone else understands (who are not posting?), but could you please explain a little more a little better for my noobie-head?

Might help?

Really freaking cool, Steve.
Got a Suggestion for you (this may be so freaking obvious that only a non-thinker such as myself would come up with it...),

Today, I found a problem running the Add Lightbox demo by 'Robert' today (could you look into that, please?).
... Intuitively I went back to the "home page" to see" where" I should "click" to "report" a problem... 
..of course..

Don't laugh... , well, okay, laugh some, but read on...

I know we can discuss it here right now, and I figured out that I can register and post at the forum there (well who knew?? --had to "figure it out" DUH!!),...
...but maybe it would help you and others if at some point there was a prominent note/link for us otherwise "non-thinking types" (again, don't laugh!)...  instructions -at pundemo.org- as to where you would like us to 'report problems'. 

Oh the elegant simplicity of it all....
Just to mention, I was going to post this in the features request area, but this is only a quasy-feature request really (and everyone will probably ltfao and ignore me anyway), and there are no other posts in there right now... so I didn't want to be the first to soil the zone ;^P

Hope I am providing some useful entertainment here :^u


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rdsuk... are you using it and is this the ticket?
BTW, I found this originally at http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=30806#p30806, "Protecting the forum from auto signups", a posting by dhdesign... he/she deserves the credit ;^)

egg... what was your solution?

Others... what did you think of this solution (flawed, okay, good, tight, other)?


THANK YOU!   This works.
Sorry to have to ask you to "teach me" to pay attention to "the logic of self"... but that's where I think I lost it!  I had changed the AND / OR logic when I was working it somehow and failed to notice, and then when it failed,  I erroneously started trimming it out (as opposed to witnessing my first error!).. I did not understand the (obvious) use of $pun_user['id'], so I did not procedurally troubleshoot my work correctly.
- newby anti-logic! ---

Here is the current change to the read me for the proper mod-edit:
#---------[ 19. OPEN ]--------------------------------------------------------


#---------[ 20. FIND (line: 36) ]---------------------------------------------

    if ($pun_user['g_read_board'] != '0') $permitted = 1;
else if ($action == 'change_pass' && isset($_GET['key'])) $permitted = 1;
else if ($action == 'activate_account' && isset($_GET['key'])) $permitted = 1;
else $permitted = 0;

#---------[ 21. REPLACE WITH ]------------------------------------------------

    if ($pun_user['g_read_board'] != '0' && ($pun_user['g_view_users'] != '0' || $pun_user['id'] == $id)) $permitted = 1;
else if ($action == 'change_pass' && isset($_GET['key'])) $permitted = 1;
else if ($action == 'activate_account' && isset($_GET['key'])) $permitted = 1;
else $permitted = 0;


THank you for this much-needed mod.  We are all cozy and safe now ! ;^)

I have applied this mod for our forum and it appears to be working fine, except for two things...
Now, we are using build 1.2.12, which technically this does not support.  I went ahead and edited install_mod.php to include the version and then updated the dtabase, no prob.

Then I went ahead and began editing the files per the read me.

This was okay up until in steps 19, 20, and 21 where it askes you to edit line 36 in profile.php, because in this version of punbb the lines have already been edited to something else (and I am unsure how to figure out what to do without sitting down and studying it, ...something not for tonite!)

Sooo...  so I went ahead and tested it without that last edit, and everything seems to work great..., excepting that if the guest goes into a post they do see the Poster's ident as a clickable link ...which just so happens to let them into to view that individual's profile  ;^(     

So I am wondering if I need to figure out that last code edit in "profile.php", ..if that is the 'trick' to the last access point?  Seems it would be.  Maybe I can figure it out tomorrow.  If someone here sees this and figures out the correct edit for that sooner (and I am not guaranteeing I can do it tomorrow, if ever LOL...) sure would apreciate it. 

Really Nice Mod otherwise, atis.  ty

Edited Later:  Just to let you kow, I did edit the entry by adding the line
       if ($pun_user['g_read_board'] != '0') $permitted = 1;
else if ($pun_user['g_view_users'] != '0') $permitted = 1;              <<<this one added here
else if ($action == 'change_pass' && isset($_GET['key'])) $permitted = 1;
else if ($action == 'activate_account' && isset($_GET['key'])) $permitted = 1;
else $permitted = 0;

...and I really think this ought to work... don't understand why it doesn't??  Guest user still accesses the user's profile instead of the 'alternate message'.  What am I missing?


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UltraEdit, EditPad, EditPad Pro, Homesite (I use an old version 4.5),HotDog, AceHTML (Pro).. I prefer customizable being able to customize the coding styles so you don't get stuck as code typw evolve (DHTML, PHP, ASP, etc ad-nauseum).

My brain is screwed on tew tite... but I see phpedit was mentioned (defacto?)...
Thought I'd point out zaher just added "Light PHP Edit" which I am going to definitely check out...

duffry, I am checking this out for the first time too. I found more here:

I wish I could see an example of this running on someone's site.... anyone?

What was your final solution to the finla problem?  Will you post for us?


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Hmmm, I use this method.  I am new to using PunBB, will folks here please comment on how effective this is or isn't? Thanks...

1) Guest Account set to read only, and then allowed on certain selected forums
2) A registering user becomes member of a group called "Validating" (taken from a suggestion elsewhere on these forums, I am sorry I do not remmeber who or where at the moment, but give credit where its due...)
3) Validating members can read only certain forums, maybe a bit more than guests, but have to wait for me to "process them", which includes making them a member of some other group that has apporpriate access.

Seems to work for us.  I do not know if this is flawed excepting that if one does not wish to be manually activating /authenticating users.  We are building our community pretty much by invitation, so for now this is okay.

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