There's nothing I can see wrong with your file.
I did, however, have to edit the first couple lines because in my installation I use the upgrade from
"2.Readme Calendar 2.0.7 to 2.0.7b UPDATE Instructions.txt"
Instruction #8, as follows

#-----------[ 8. OPEN ]------------------------------
# This includes several fixes and some minor additions


#-----------[ 9a.  Find ~line 3 ]-------------------

require PUN_ROOT.'calendar/header.php';
require PUN_ROOT.'include/parser.php';

#-----------[ 9b.  Replace with  ]-----------------------

// require PUN_ROOT.'calendar/header.php';
require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php';
require PUN_ROOT.'include/parser.php';

If you use this method but fail to implement that change you should receive a "failed to open stream" error code message (not a blank page) from /calendar/header.php, which I did not observe on your website.

I am a bit stumped  |^\

I have two thoughts/suggestions:
1) Check your database tables
2) Copy all your calendar files to a local directory and run some diffs to the installation files so you can observe any other potential changes that may indicate file code corruption in any of those files, or anything else weird.

3)I hate to say it, but if the database is okay (and I think it probably is or you would most likely get a different error than a blanmk page) ...I think the way for you to troubleshoot this may be to...
1) backup the whole site
2) Remove the calendar Mod
3) Reinstall the calendar mod fresh
...taking things a step at a time and testing to see where/if it fails.

I hope someone else can jump in here and  offer you better suggestions. 
If I think of anything else I will post back here.

Good luck.


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Hi lie2815...  I cannot find what/where it is you are addressing, would you please be more specific, i.e., whom are you addressing and which header.php (in what directory)?

Wow, Mystic, that's weird!

I went to your link and I get a blank page (completely).
When I view the source I see the following:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><title></title></head><body></body></html>

I think you still have my email address?  Can you send me the file 'calendar.php' that the link you provided above points to? (or post it within code tags here)... I would like to take a look at it directly.

I will be able to offer some help on this problem a little bit today, and tomorrow evening.
Hope you are watching the posts!

PS: Is it possible for you to allow 'form email' to you setting in your profile here so its easy to send you an email when not at my computer?  If you do not generally like to, is it possible for only a couple days?

@RAHster: I think you mean 'by topic subject', which is not held in the forums table...

@punbb masters: Could this be done, loosely speaking, by JOINing the Topics "subject" from the topics table in the result  under '//fetch forum info' in the admin_forums.php file, and then listing it (adding it) in the sort_by variable ...type of thing, generally speaking? 

If so, it seems a simple thing to add other types of sorting capabilities.

guardian34 wrote:
wobo wrote:

How do I do that? Seems that without this regeneration the changes are not visible.

You can delete the files from your cache folder manually, or grab the "Clear Cache" plugin from the downloads page.

Yes, BUT DO NOT DELETE the undex.html or the .htaccess files!  ;^)

Hi Mystic...
My initial thought is to wonder if you have been doing any .htaccess editing for your site, or other files management on the site, that would have altered the way your server is told to respond to file requests.

We are going to need more information...
Did you recently edit/re-mod your calendar installation, or has nothing changed?
Does it do this only for editing an event, or for what links exactly?
Does it do this for any other php files at the site or only calendar? 
When was it (they) last working that you know of?
What sort of work has been performed on your site since then (not just punbb)?
Has anyone else tested this for you?   (give us the relevant link(s) to your site)

...to start with.

Vanslyde and Triatholon

I discovered the no_event and permissions problems and have recoded Calendar 2.0.7beta to correct for:
1) incorrect displaying of no_event messages, and
2) permissions assignments errors with regard to add/edit events

I have posted the corrections here:

Please followup at the punres forum and
Let me know how this works out for you all.

Oh yeah, ps @Vanslyde... one of the corrections I made affected a change to an incorrectly suppressed div problem in the code ...having directly to do with the same page where you expressed you were/are having a mis-alignment issue.  Now that its fixed I wonder how that might effect your/that other issue??  If you use this code, please let me know about that.

Vanslyde wrote:

<snip> but in this case I sense the layout of the There are no events for you to edit output page isn't defined in the file calendar.php.. I don't know where it might be defined.

@V.. It is defined there.  The no events message you see is called in the "Events List" section starting at around Line 281, in the following code, around line 329:

            echo"\t\t\t<tr>\n\t\t\t\t<td colspan='2'>".$lang_calendar['No_Events']>"</td>\n\t\t\t</tr>\n";

It appears elsewheree as well, just search the file for "no_event".
Permissions are set in the sql query for "$result=" ~line 286

Vanslyde wrote:

-Alternatively, is there a way to hide the Edit Event link for a guest if he/she didn't posted any in the first place? (but still available for mods/admin).

Thats all I need to put my calendar in prod, fixing or at least hiding this There are no events for you to edit output page.

Afaik you cannot edit an event you did not post.  If its not your permissions settings then maybe something is wrong with your edited file... (  I note that you edited out all the birthday stuff).

I would be happy to take a look at your file and check your code, Vanslyde, if you wish to post the code (or a temporary link to where I can download your calendar.php file).  I can then test it for you here.  Be sure to use the !code tag! if you post the code here!

I have updated the Calendar 2.0.7beta mod for integrating links to the your PBB Gallery
Find it at the main Calendar 2xx thread here:  http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=208&p=12


Triathlon wrote:

<snip>When I put up another page instade of the default portal page the minicalender gets to width:-(   Can somebody tell me how i get the minicalender at a absolute width? It will help me a lot!!

Hmmm... that's strange, the minical gets its width setting from the following code:

<?php    if($CFG_show_cal == "yes"){
    echo "<div style='float:right;width:215px'>";
        mini_cal($month_no, $year, "week");
        echo "</div>";

Be sure you are using the correct showmincal file, I believe it is the one named "showminical1.php".  Check the readme(s).

hope this helps.

@V  Sorry I cannot help you with the css issue.  I would go ahead and post at the css experts zone.

Per the edit Events Issue, the only ones who should have permissions for adding or editing events is set in the Calendar Admin CP, and is typically admins, and moderators if allowed.  I set up a user and assigned all kinds of rights to the group I added them to, sans being a moderator, and they still cannot access the edit events link, so I do not understand why/how you are having the problem you describe.

   I suspect either something is wrong with your calendar installation or your groups-permissions settings (?).
I would suggest clearing your punbb cache,  and then, while you are testing, clear your own cache and cookies.
Another I suggest is this...

   For testing, open up one 'type' of browser for being logged in as administrator and doing admin work,
and open up another 'type' of browser for logging in as your 'test user' and observing the effects of changes you make.
   If you are using IE, be sure the 'other type' of browser IS NOT a 'browser dresser' for IE such as Avante Browser because they share the same cookies and cache!
   In administration, keep changing the group assignment for your "test user", and then while logged in as the 'test user' in your other browser you will be able to readily see the effects of changing access permissions.  You may need to use Ctl-Shift-Refresh occasionally in your browser to be sure you are not pulling from your local cache.

Two more things:
1) "no_events", without the quotes, is the code to search for if you persue that course
2) I/we may be better able to help if you can post more explicit information regarding your group permissions settings for guest, AND describing the sequence of links being clciked in order to be arriving at the page you describe.  If there is a flaw in teh code, we should be able to follow your settings and instructions exactly and reproduce, and thus identify, the problem... and then correct it ;^)



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Thank you.  I had not looked up the comand.  I understand.


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Followup to Tobi's method:
   I am working on an archive method (or two, see here: http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?pid=13630 )
and using Tobi's method for utilizing the "main" forum's user database for the "archive" forum. 

I found it works most completely if  I add the following lines at Line 76:

        $sql = ereg_replace($this->prefix ."users", "MAINFORUMPREFIXusers", $sql);
        $sql = ereg_replace($this->prefix ."groups", "MAINFORUMPREFIXgroups", $sql);
        $sql = ereg_replace($this->prefix ."online", "MAINFORUMPREFIXonline", $sql);
        $sql = ereg_replace($this->prefix ."forum_perms", "MAINFORUMPREFIXforum_perms", $sql);
        $sql = ereg_replace($this->prefix ."reports", "MAINFORUMPREFIXreports", $sql);

I am sure it can be re-written to be less code, but the idea is it allows for seemingly unequivocal (comprehensive) management of the users and their permissions from a single (the main) forum. 

Since I am using the code I thought it would be useful to post this here.

Bump in the night...

Archive Forum Plan: Your Comments and Suggestions Please

Please Check this topic out over at PunRes (and please post there so it can all be in one place for everyone):


@strobes... do you have html access to your sql database account maintenance,  say via 'CPanel' or some tool your host provides for you to gain sql maintenance access?

If so (and you should), you should have access to your databases with both "MySQL Account Maintenance" and "phpMyAdmin". 

If so...
1) in the "MySQL Account Maintenance" section it will post your db connection strings, which clearly spell out the (correct) host and the username.

2) As well, in phpMyAdmin (manager) your hostname is shown in big bold letters in the upper left of the main window pane.

Hope this is in the neighborhood.

strobes wrote:

I believe this is what you mean

Total: 1

Previously you wrote:
$db_name = 'DB_123851.dsn';
$db_username = 'strobes';

...check it.
The username is the one you log into your database with,
the db_name is 'strobes'

?eh, or no?

Have you looked at the database from within phpmyadmin and confirmed the name of your database?
When we set ours up I have to create it in mysql, which assigns the root username to the root of the database name, and then assigns the name of the database I have chosen, so it looks something like

The username is modified as well, so I get:

don't know if this makes sense, but going into phpmyadmin

dbhost is "localhost" on ours.

I didnh't double-check my post thoroughly yet, so I may have something not quite right, but maybe it will point in another helpful direction?


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I have seen this behavior with cookies disabled, possibly scripts.
And firefox is set to allow cookies, right?
Also, if you have any other cookie blockers or such running, you want to add your forum to the 'allow' list(s)'.

@ID.. maybe better to post here:


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Smartys wrote:

Well, your host would need to allow you to:
Access URLs via PHP
Save a file you downloaded somewhere on the server (usually not the issue)
Decompress the file
Replace your current files with the new files

Everywhere along there there's issues with what hosts allow you to do and with what's allowed for security (ie: Apache on shared hosting should not usually be able to overwrite your files unless you want to make it really easy for someone on your server to "hack" you)
Not to mention, what happens if something goes wrong in the middle? What if you installed mods?

My experience with my shared hosting provider is that if I wish to have something installed (for me or a client I host), either I can use an installer through the control panel or I can actually ask them to install it for me (at no charge).  For all the restrictions we may have it doesn't seem we are all that limited, and I would rate my hosting provider as average, meaning they aren't necessarily offering features so different from most others.
  Seems to me being able to install stuff has become common place.  Does this have any relationship to 'the possibilities' being examined in the question brought up here?

(btw, we are using WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-R118 / CentOS 4.4 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0, which seems to be extremely common and basic, yet provides tons of features.)


Just a notion... check to see how php is set for file size limits on your server php configuration file (php.ini), or ask your host.  Typical default limit is 2MB.  Symptoms when uploading a larger file than allowed are as you describe.
Google: php file size limit  ...should give you a good lead.

This appears to be a classic Div Alignment issue.  Did you test this in some different browsers?  I bet you will observe different results ;^)  ...
  Aside from searching the forum for clues about that, I also suggest you take a look at the week view section in calendar.php ...in the one I reworked I edited code for fixing the div alignement problems in cross-browser situations - it was a real bear.  I think I posted about this in the calendar forum at punres... I suggest searching t here.

If I have time later I will see if I can come up with some notes about it, but this should help you find some good lcues about how to fix it.  Hope this helps point you in a productive direction.