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PunBB 1.3 hotfix system

Hotfix is a lightweight extension consisting of single manifest.xml file. It's aimed to fix some bug or group of similar bugs. Hotfixes are cooked by PunBB development team. A forum periodically requests the information about new hotfixes from server. If a new hotfix is present, forum shows an alert (to administrators only). After that the administrator can visit hotfixes page1) and install the new hotfix with one click. manifest.xml is being automatically downloaded and installed as usual extension.

The hotfix system was originally designed by Rickard Andersson.

Technical details

List of released hotfixes

PunBB 1.3

ID / Link Flaw description 1.3 1.3.1 1.3.2 1.3.3 1.3.4
hotfix_13_moderate_xss XSS vulnerability via topic subjects in moderate.php is fixed. Patch by PHPLizardo. + - - - -
hotfix_13_moderate_topics Incorrect multiple topic moderation. + - - - -
hotfix_13_incorrect_topic_status_in_search_results Incorrect topic status displayed in search results. Reported by teva + - - - -
hotfix_13_xss_attack_in_login A potential XSS attack at login.php page. Reported by Stefan Esser. + + - - -
hotfix_13_sql_injection_in_admin_users A potential SQL-injection at admin users page. Reported by Stefan Esser. + + - - -
hotfix_13_sql_injection_in_admin_settings A potential SQL-injections in admin/settings.php for permissions config values. Reported by Stefan Esser. + + - - -
hotfix_13_updates_cache_notice_removal A minor bug leading to a notice on updates check. + + + - -
hotfix_132_xss_attack_via_get_parameter_p A potential XSS attack via GET-parameter "p". + + + - -
hotfix_133_xss_attack_in_profile A potential XSS attack on password change. Reported by Richard Sammet. + + + + -

See also

1) /admin/extensions.php?section=hotfixes

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