Hi all ....

I need some help! smile

1) Update our existing board
2) Add some modified plug-ins/mods
3) Migrate some content/data from one CMS to our board {fairly straightforward}
4) Update our header
5) Add some javascript widgets so that members can ratchet up/down main forum categories. **

* 85% of the mods are already completed, but need to be moved to our existing board.
** {to prevent our board contents from running so deep on the page}

Please write me directly to discuss particulars.

Thanks Much in Advance!


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As long as you have only one domain to consider, it's not terribly hard to have it implemented.  The problem folks are going to run into is if they have more than one domain associated to their PayPal acct.

Since the stock callback functions can't be used, you're forced to make new members click the "Return To Merchant" button to return to your website, and therefore, update the DB in punBB, and then gain access to your board.

Hi Strofanto, thanks for replying ...

Yes - we know we'll have to modify the tables/code.  That's a given.  smile

I guess the bigger question is, which method would be the best in terms of speed?  Using separate databases for each board {and only one user table DB for all}, or having one "FAT" database, with all the board(s) tables prefixed, with one user table in the same DB?

Submitting to more than one forum at a time is definitely out, so the only choices I have are whether to use one Db for the whole enchilada, or {hopefully} use separate and distinct DB's, using only one Users Db for all of them.

i hope this makes sense. smile


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Your suggestions will be welcomed!

Hey elbekko, thanks for replying.

Are there any good demos?  I looked around, but all appear to be dead links. sad

I'm curious.  How difficult would it be to unify the members/login/users database so it worked across different installs of PunBB?

I'm sure there will be those who ask 'why'? - however over and above having a unified login mechanism, there are other reasons for the decision.

I have talked about doing a couple of things, such as having only one DB for the users, while using separate DB's for more than one board.

I have even thought about having one 'big' DB, with many prefixed tables for different boards and one user table, but my fear is that will make the everything slow down under heavy traffic.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to implement this?



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c'mon folks!! Surely there's someone out there that knows PunBB and wants to make some extra cash! smile

I need someone pretty bad ...

Quick quiz to all ...

When implementing these link mods, can I still use other forums like the default install of PunBB, or does the link mod itself do things which are global to your board?


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Hi all ...

Due to family reasons, my main developer will have to leave.  This leaves me in a lurch to find someone to replace him.

I'm looking for someone for long term php/mysql development work, who is reasonable {and affordable}.

Due to potential communications via phone, it is preferable you work from home and live in the continental United States.  Please, no part-timers.

This will be a on-going business relationship, spanning many current, as well as future, projects.  Timeliness, Expeditious, Fair and demonstrate a Willingness to Communicate.

As MacScripter is a Mac-Centric Organization, you will potentially be required to develop php applications that leverage the Mac OSX platform.  While PC developers are welcomed, you *must* be able to preview and sign off your work from the Mac.

It takes a long time to cultivate these type of relationships.  I'm looking to establish long term commitments. I can keep you busy smile

Contact me here or reply off list.

Please RSVP with your location, [city/state] hourly rate, phone number and a reasonable time I may contact you.

I look forward hearing from you -


Hi all ...

Posting here to seek interest.  We will be doing a rather large update to our website, and I'm looking for a excellent developer who can handle this for me. Obviously, we will be leveraging PunBB, hence the post. smile

As there will be some technical hurdles, anyone who is interested please contact me off-post for details.

Please, only those genuinely interested need apply.  When contacting me, please be sure to send your rate, and a contact number/address.  This will be a bid/quote only job.



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I would never, ever, NEVER go back to phpBB.

I like punBB so much!! smile

I've stated this before, and it bears repeating:  Using phpBB required you to visit their website for a frigging DIB {Daily Intelligence Brief}

... and even then, you could never catch up with number of hackers that had the latest 'patch' already HACKED!!

BooooooHisssssssssssss .....


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check out http://macserve.net

They're a small internet company based in Plano Texas, have good service, and not one of those hugmongus nationalized companies that stick/henpeg you for every service you want to add to your acct.

Hi hcgtv, thanks for replying ...

Does TextPattern offer multiple, or customizable form fields for entries? {ie: over your basic, title, blurb, body, more, etc}

I'll need to add many custom fields over and above your standard fare.

I downloaded TextPattern, but I haven't had the opportunity to install it yet.

Any other goodies/info about Textpattern would be tremendously welcomed.


Hi all ...

I have a requirement to re-build a static, htm based website into a database driven, php/mysql website which is multilingual. {this may potentially include PunBB as a support forum}

... in 8 {!!!!} languages no less ...

The ideal solution would be to have several language 'packs' installed, and only post once/display many, so-to-speak.

The website could be theoretically set up to display based on the users language from the browser, or provide flag images for users to click to render the website in that language.  I suppose we could set up sub-level domains if necessary for each language as well.

Does anyone have any experience in this, and if so, have any ideas/suggestions on the best way to deal with this?

Essentially, I'm searching for a *true* multilingual based CMS/mini-weblog system that will allow me to display content to users in their own language, without my having to re-invent the wheel.

Any help would be tremendously welcomed.



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I should of prefaced this with stating I've tried every conceivable combination of divs, floats, left, right, .... I've also tried playing with different combinations of ordering the divs on the html page.

All no Joy sad

Can you give a demo?  Puhleez? smile

Thanks so much!


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Anyone? smile


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jlangrock wrote:

try instead using px  as size em, that had  helpded my in figuring out to get things in a line.

I believe using em allows you to scale the page {ie: browser}. No?


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Hi All ...

Hoping a CSS guru can help me out here. {Paul??  anyone? smile}

I have 4 images: leftheader, middle, and right with a logo.

Since div's are block level elements, I'm not able to figure out the right formula for getting everything all in one line, so-to-speak. ie: rather than going on one line to form the header, they stack. sad


body {
    margin: 30px;
    font: 12px Tahoma, Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
    line-height: 1.4em;
    color: #ececec;
    background: #B7BCC3 url(images/bck.jpg) repeat-x;

#left {
    height: 77;
    margin-bottom: 0;
    position: relative;
    background: transparent url(images/header-left.png) no-repeat left top;

#middle {
    height: 77;
    margin-bottom: 0;
    position: relative;
    background: transparent url(images/header-middle.png) repeat-x center top;

#right {
    height: 77;
    margin-bottom: 0;
    position: relative;
    background: transparent url(images/header-right.png) no-repeat right top;

#logo {
    float: left;
    margin-left: 8px;
    width: 395px;
    height: 77px;
    background: transparent url(images/logo.png) no-repeat top left;

HTML page:

<div id="container">

<div id="left"> </div>

<div id="middle"> <div id="logo"> </div> </div>

<div id="right"> </div>

Can someone tell me the right way to phrase the style sheet so this works correctly?  Any Help would be appreciated tremendously.



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One of the things we do is enforce first and last support.  Something else would be good to use is capatha support too - that usually prevents bots from grabing the front form.

Also, add a checkbox {nulled} so before the new member can create the new acct they must check it - we use one for "I Read the Terms and Agreement" - the continue button is dimmed until the check the box.


I'm not able to download either.  sad

please repost?

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Your project will benefit from the expertise of freelancers who understand and work in both Mac and PC environments.

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Hope to see you there!

Sincerely -


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There are times when a post hasn't been replied to.  Having the ability to change a post to a later date, or 'backdate' posts as Steve suggests could come in mighty handy.

I think this would be a great idea for a plugin.  Anybody?


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StarCraft anyone?

Hi all ...

Did anyone put this up on their forum yet? I'd like to see what it looks like. Seems like a great idea.

I clicked the above link, but evidently it was already removed. sad