If it was not clear in my post, I means running both forums simultaneously (at the same time) smile

I understand both databases would need to have non-conflicting table names.

I have an old ver. of 1.2.x installed, and wondering if anyone knows of any issues installing 1.3 on the same server.

Old ver would be myserver.com/forum
New ver I would install into myserver.com/forum2

If so, after doing this, would copying my database data from the old v. to the new v. migrate without problems (assuming I change the various config vars in the config options?

I'll throw in $US30, however would need it to work with 1.2.x. - perhaps other pledgers can also include which Punbb Ver. they need supported so we know which version is preferred or if both are needed.

I'm not totally sure how this happened, but my 1.22 forum recently received some aggressive spam (I reported this via the bug report link on the PunBB site on the weekend and no response).

I'm not sure how this happened, but spam was being posted into the forum, with usernames that do not exist in my database, and the users all had a user ID of 1 (which is the guest ID). I managed to block this spam but adding some extra checks in post.php blocking guest posts.

What I don't understand is how this happened.
- I double-checked all user groups and guests do not have permission to post
- I check all forums and guest post permissions were all turned off here
- I also cross-checked the IP addresses of the posters and the spammers are not any IPs of users that logged into the site

Does this look like there might be a security hole somewhere? Any ideas how this may have happened?

Thanks, this helps a little smile

I know I can download and install 1.3 to find out this info, but do you know if there is a resource somewhere on this site that shows the database structure of 1.3?

I'm considering going through the painstaking task of upgrading a highly modded 1.2 forum to 1.3.

In addition to this, I have many many custom pages on my website that use punbb's user tables and many punbb functions. For example I have custom profile pages that refer to all the $pun_user[] variables. Another example is I use some of the parsing functions when posting user content to other pages on my site.

My question is, does 1.3 still user mostly the same function names, user table names, routine names, and still reference $pun_user[] for all the user vars?

Thanks Slavok, I'll give that a go.


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It's been a while since Facebook connect was out and more and more sites are using it. I was hoping someone would pick up this task also - here's my original request on this topic:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ct-plugin/

Is there an easy way to prevent a particular forum from showing up in search results?

I want people to still have permissions to the forum, just no appear in search results such as "action=show_24h".

I have an unusual case of users passwords being reset.

People are using the forgot pass feature, resetting their passwords, they can then log in fine, then change their password but come back a day later and the password has been reset again.

Any suggestion what might cause this? I thought it might be a cookie with an old "remember me" data, but have verified that users are clearing their cookies.

Perfect - thanks so much smile

Anyone interested in helping me with this type of mod?

I want it so you cannot post to forums within X days of joining.

Any quick tips on how to do this would be appreciated.


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Looks interesting but I'm unsure if it uses the standard facebook connect protocols/API. It looks like a custom solution from what I can tell and there is value in an official Connect plugin.


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Anyone planning on working on one of these for PunBB?


There seems to only be a plugin for Vbulletin so far, it might get some great exposure to PunBB if there were one and I know I'd be using this plugin if it were available.

I'm installing this mod but one feature I recommend is directory hashing on the image folders. I have 30,000+ members and even with only a few thousand highly active members writing diaries, the images folder will get bogged down.

P.s.  Directory hashing is also lacking in punbb avatars folder, I made a custom solution to this myself since my avatars folder had 30,000+ images in it.


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It would be nice if the redirect page was passed a parameter if it is an error message, if so it pauses for the redirect time, otherwise it outputs a 0 seconds if it's a generic message like "logging in".

The whole redirect page I've had many members mention is "old school - lame" wink

I'd be curious about people who have put in 0 and how they're finding that setting working for them?

Let me re-phrase my question - I left out one important term.... UPGRADE. I am using 1.2.20 and was curious about peoples favorite features and reasons to upgrade to 1.3 from 1.2.20.

punbb has served me well for 2 years now and no plans of changing yet, it is to early for me to determine if flux will live a long life - actually I'm not totally confident either will since the pun/flux split sad

Looks like a great mod and I might implement it, however one feature that makes the most sense to me...
- Adding a list of the latest 5 diary entry titles to each users profile page so when you view a users profile you see...

Latest User Diary entries:
- 1/1/2008 I ate a hotdog today
- 1/1/2008 I hate school
- 1/1/2008 Tell me what you think about this
View all >

I know features are still being worked on an subject to change, but based on what you all know so far, I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on:

What are the Top 5 reasons (features, technical reasons, efficiency, etc) for moving to PunBB 1.3 when it's released. You can go into as little or much detail as you like smile

I'm curious to hear any other stories from people who have repeat offender users and how you deal with situations like this.

My "offender" has returned once more.

I guess I'm just lucky I have lots of moderators who always catch these new accounts and it's a mere 10 seconds of their time to ban these users. Amazes me these people don't just give up.

I can do something like this...
http://perishablepress.com/press/2008/0 … -htaccess/

Which blocks all/most proxies or alternatively just anonymous proxies but as you can imagine I'm hesitant in doing that.

I have a user who's been coming back every few weeks for a few month's not - apparently they have no life.

Does anyone have some tips for ways ban or deal with users who keep changing IP addresses and creating new accounts?

I've banned users IP and also their range such as 111.11.11 and even 11.11 on all their IP addresses and they keep changing IP address and it's getting tiring trying to keep up.

Is there any way I can deal with this or at the end of the day if users keep changing IP addresses, you just have to hope they get bored and go away - or run out of IP addresses wink


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I've had many users say they've had problems uploading their avatar and I've determined that most of the time this is not that the upload did not work, but rather the avatar is cached by the browser and not refreshing.

I suggest putting a random seed at the end of the avatar image so it always load the latest version.

Here's what I added to my code:

<img src="<?php echo $id.'.'.$avatar_format.'?'.rand(10000,99999); ?>

Poop, no replies = no such mod.

Must have been the attachments to posts that I was thinking of.

I thought I'd seen a post on this recently but can't find it anywhere.

Does anyone know if there is a mod to add attachments to the private messaging mod (not an attachment mod to forums posts)

Thanks smile