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PunBB 1.4.4 has been released!

Change log:
* Fixed validation of the LinkedIn field in profile.
* Removed deprecated function calls.
* Fixed validation for unclosed tag in BBCode parser.
* Other minor bug fixes.


Changed files only


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Goodsie wrote:

After getting to play around some I have found that when trying to update a user profile it complains of:
Warning! The following errors must be corrected before your profile can be updated:

    You entered an invalid LinkedIn account.

There never was one before and is not now. I was altering the 'title' field of the user profile.
not a super huge issue, just so it's known wink

Thank you for the bug report.
We've fixed this error. You can get the actual version of the file from GitHub - profile.php
We are working on PunBB 1.4.4 now, where this error will be fixed, as well.


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PunBB 1.4.3 has been released!

Most significant changes:

  • The default Oxygen theme now supports responsive design.

  • Added the OpenSearch plugin.

  • Added the check for versions of dependent extensions.

  • Added processing AJAX requests.

Other changes:

  • Blocked password reset for Administrator.

  • Added the check for max length of email subjects.

  • Constants have been put into a separate file.

  • Updated LABjs to version 2.0.3.

  • Fixed redeclared clean_conf_names.

  • Fixed interaction with the extension repository.

  • Fixed hardcoded max_subject_length.

  • Fixed the possibility to insert incorrect social network addresses into profiles.

  • Fixed some function calls incompatible with new PHP versions.

  • Fixed some misprints.

  • Added some hooks.


Changed files only

We would like to thank the wonderful people from JetBrains for granting us a free licence for PhpStorm.
Thanks to their generosity, we can now continue improving PunBB with much more ease and efficiency than before.


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Is Punbb available for automatic instllation on your free hosting?


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You can disable autolinking via the administration console in the "Features" tab of the "Topic and post content" block.


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Hi, everyone!
Sorry for the silence over the latest months. We have been working hard on other projects.
Our nearest plans involve releasing PunBB 1.3.5, which will have a lot of fixes and some new features. But we cannot accomplish this without the community's help.
So I want to invite everybody who wants to develop extensions or the core to join the PunBB development team!

We are not looking for gurus in php and mysql, but you should have at least some knowledge. Also, you should have basic knowledge of the PunBB core.
We have devised a short test to check your knowledge.

Send me a pm or email me at slava@informer.com if you want to join us.


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Do you think that all links should have rel="nofollow" or, perhaps, only links in signatures should?


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This changes will be added, but not in 1.3.5. The 1.3.5 version will contain bug fixes and some minor features.


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It is impossible to do this without modifications in the code.

Try to re upload extensions, it seems there was some errors.

Play with the "overflow-x" CSS property. It should have a "hidden" value.


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No, there is no such functionality.

Thanks for the idea. Add your request the Wiki page, please.

To change this text you need to edit the "New posts" key in the "<FORUM_ROOT>/lang/English/common.php" file. As for pictures instead of text, it can be done by editing the "<FORUM_ROOT>/header.php" file.

Did you install the forum?

What emails are you talking about? What is your current value of the "From" field in the letter and what did you expect to see?


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If you just want to refresh forum pages, you need to add this line:

header('Refresh: 5; url=http://localhost'.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

after the 22 line of the "<FORUM_ROOT>/header.php" file. Don't forget to change the refresh time and your domain.


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Nice idea.

Yes, it can catch good requests. Not all proxies are bad.

No, it will not be hard to do this. But to do this, we need to specify what arithmetic operations should be in captcha, and the max number in the string.


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You can use the style generator to create your own themes.


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No, one user can be only in one group.


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This topic should help you.

You need to add this code to the "<FORUM_ROOT>/viewtopic.php" file after the 560th line.