You really are a star. That worked! Thx!

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO

<img src="'echo .$ext_info['path'] '/img/navuserlist.png" alt="User list" />
<img src="'echo $ext_info['path'] '/img/navuserlist.png"/>  tried both

my code....

Ok I added:

    $links['userlist'] = '<li id="navuserlist"'.((FORUM_PAGE == 
'userlist') ? '  class="isactive"' : '').'><a href="'.forum_link
<img src="<?php echo $ext_info['path'] ?>/img/navuserlist.png" alt="User list" 
/></a> </li>';



$links['userlist'] = '<li id="navuserlist"'.((FORUM_PAGE ==
 'userlist') ? '  class="isactive"' : '').'><a  href="'.forum_link($forum_url['users']).'">
<img  src="'.$base_url.'/img/navuserlist.png" alt="User list" />

which gave me:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING

what have I done wrong?

(am using same extension as one I posted here just with that change)

1. Good thanks smile
2.  So if they [developers] add hook it could be done easily? Any chance of that happening?  Do I need to add hook request?
3.  I want to add the images to my extension so that on install it's just one click. Where can I find info on how to do that? Or if you can tell me all the better!

ok, the one I downloaded wasn't translating admin area. can you just tell me which link you know for sure is working. thx!
and also confirm you tested on 1.3.2?
I see you translated everything, but somehow it's not picking admin part my end.

1. From a developer standpoint; do you think I should be changing the stylesheets instead of way I am trying? Is it wrong to be using the functions hooks?
2. Any ideas how to specifically use that info you gave me regarding o_additional_navlinks. If I had PM installed. How would I get an image navpm.png to show ?

    // Are there any additional navlinks we should insert into the array before imploding it?
    if ($forum_config['o_additional_navlinks'] != '' && preg_match_all('#([0-9]+)\s*=\s*(.*?)\n#s', $forum_config['o_additional_navlinks']."\n", $extra_links))
        // Insert any additional links into the $links array (at the correct index)
        $num_links = count($extra_links[1]);
        for ($i = 0; $i < $num_links; ++$i)
            array_insert($links, (int)$extra_links[1][$i], '<li id="navextra'.($i + 1).'">'.$extra_links[2][$i].'</li>');

this is my issue 2 mentioned... how do I get different images for extra links if someone has installed extensions PM, etc ?


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oh I see , thought you wanted POST author width (that's where I was thinking of avatars) changed...
haven't fiddled with what you're trying to change  yet.... maybe someone else can help I hope...


(9 replies, posted in PunBB 1.3 troubleshooting) … inks-beta/

maybe you can help me with two issues I have with the beta extension I just made....

Navlinks Icons At Top Instead Of Index, Userlist ...
unpack & install

ADDED 25-02-2009:
Navlinks 1.5
now with hover over effect: see here

Navlinks 1.4 (using .gif)
Note: If you are using gifs instead of pngs this set will be for you as you only need to change set in folder img - and not change anything in manifest.xml
Navlinks 1.2
Navlinks 1.1

EDIT: Bug fixed that didnt show icon when user is logged in

If you're good with graphis editing / creation make files named: navadmin


.png      then upload them somewhere and post link here - it would be good to get lots of styles going!

What It Does?
Replaces text links in navlinks bar with images from folder /img
i.e. this adds your graphic feel to website!
Problems I would like help with:
1. Assuming someone has installed extension (for arguments sake) PM - how can I add an individual image for that aswell?
2. Adding a function to extension which automatically places the images in img folder so that user can just download and one-click-install without moving images around // DONE!
3. Add Active Topics etc to be replaced by images instead of text when called for
4. Add Admin Userinterface to turn on/off certain images

Who's it for?
People wanting to add some customization fast and hassle free.
Guess target audience will be first time users who have knowledge with graphics creation or just plain simple novices.

Thx a lot for that. User interface looks good.
Admin area left in english though correct?


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/* Structure

then change the 
.brd .post .posthead .post-byline {

to a margin-left: -14em for example, i.e. higher value (lower negative number)

I think...

I also would like such a side-column and float it either on right or left of main forum.
Then choose whether I put ads or menu items or lists of last posts, most views, etc in them.

If anyone knows of such extensions do let me know. Seems very basic need I would think (if one is using the forum as stand alone and doesn't just wrap another website around it...)

Plus there is loads of space to do such things without cluttering it in the least I find. Specially the way screens are going; WIDE and LARGE.


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Brilliant. That works! Many thanks.


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            <hook id="fn_generate_navlinks_end"><![CDATA[
            global $base_url;
                if ($forum_user['is_guest'])
                $links['login'] = '<li id="navlogin"><a href="'.forum_link($forum_url['login']).'"><img src="'.$base_url.'img/blink.png" alt="Login" /></a></li>';

Is anything evidently wrong up there? because it shows no image anywhere....
if  I take global $base_url; away it shows the image when it should, but always with that error.....


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Notice: Undefined variable: base_url in   .../include/functions.php(466) : eval()'d code on line 43 

image does show when logged out , and doesnt show when logged in - so thats cool.

any ideas why I'm getting that error when logged out? (no error when logged in)


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thx guys. trying that one....

17-12-2008 … inks-beta/
is where the extension I made (with help from garciat obviously) can be found to download.


I'd like to add an image to navlinks either next to or replacing text login (as example - then I can do the rest hopefully)

in include/functions.php   1.3.2 line 436

    $links['login'] = '<li id="navlogin"'.((FORUM_PAGE == 'login') ? ' class="isactive"' : '').'><a href="'.forum_link($forum_url['login']).'"><span>'.$lang_common['Login'].'</span></a></li>';

how must I do that?

how would I use the hook fn_generate_navlinks_start [line 417]  to echo the image [assuming location img/navlogon.png] if I were to write an extension (which I'd like to]

My intentions:
1. To be able to click the image as a link [login in this example] instead of having text  and/or
2. Have an image next to text (say an image of a key next to login text)

thanks teva; your help sorted out my issue

Section "Logo and Headings" [file: Oxygen_cs_css]

#brd-head {
    background: #296FA5;
    color: #ddd;
    border-color: #296FA5;
    height: 60px;


Section "Logo and Tagline"   [file: Oxygen.css]
and for the disabling of brd-title & brd-desc:

#brd-title {
    padding-bottom: 0;
    display: none;

#brd-desc {
    font-size: 1.084em;
    padding-top: 0;
    padding-bottom: 0;
    display: none;


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My hosting company was updating PHP 5.2.26 to PHP 5.2.8  & MySQL 4.1.22 to MySQL 4.1.22_1 today and forum went offline with that message you saw while they were doing it.

On all pages of entire forum I had that message (and nothing else).

General Question: Is there no way for them to do such updates without entire forum going offline? (I asked them and they reckoned NO)

[found this post googling the error]


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[divx]http://mywebsite.bla/xyz/test.avi[/divx]produces  an embedded divx player in your post.
You can use any URL you have of Divx Files. 

newly added bbcode help included


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What it does:

It embeds the Divx Web Player into the post
when you integrate;


(your divx file url wrapped by divx tags)

Who is it for?

Any Administrator or User who has access to URLs of Divx Files and wants to show posts with the Divx Files. (Same affect as someone adding a YouTube Video for example)

The PlugIn Web Divx Webplayer for your browser can be downloaded at direct link for free if not installed yet. You can check out more on the player here:

[DivX Web Player lets you watch DivX videos right in your web browser. Some people prefer the quality compared to good old flash I guess]

EDIT: PS if someone knows of another good opensource player for xvid or regular .avi files --> please let me know. Always better not being stuck with divx and having alternative to flash.

Thx. That works...
Couple follow on questions;
1. When I visit website with widescreen it repeat shows image. (I had chosen 780x65 for png) What is best way to solve that? Just make image wider? Or is there a way to make it appear just once.
2. If I want that header.png to be instead of brd-title and brd-desc what would I need to doo? (or would that be a mistake for search engines trying to rank my site if they don't find such info)


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NEW: [added 05-03-2010] Download 1.0.1

Download the Extension here  [added 15-12-2008 !]     now includes add to BBCode Help

1. make sure    Allow BBCode parser to detect URLs and put them into url tag.    in
Settings / Features is DISABLED
ps: if anyone knows a workaround for that let me know!
2. use as follows in post:

[divx] your file url [/divx]

my first extension. let me know if it works to satisfaction.
it's intended for people who have .avi divx files on their server for example...

Trac Error

No node /punbb/branches/punbb-1.3-dev/extras/db_update.php at revision 986

You can search in the repository history to see if that path existed but was later removed

I also need to upgrade a 1.2.x forum to 1.3.2 - how is best way to proceed?

Basically  I just want the databases i.e. posts, users and want to place them in fresh database (I use phpMyadmin if that helps)
MySQL-Version:     4.1.22   (old forum uses)
MySQL-Version:     5.1.26-rc (new one uses)

PunBB 1.2.14  my version.