thanks , so the solution was to add/change  install.php

// Check if InnoDB is available
    if ($db_type == 'mysql_innodb' || $db_type == 'mysqli_innodb')
        list ($result) = $db->fetch_row($result);
        if (!in_array($result, array('YES', 'DEFAULT')))
            error($lang_install['InnoDB off']);


// Check InnoDB support in DB
        if (in_array($db_type, array('mysql_innodb', 'mysqli_innodb')))
            $result = $forum_db->query('SHOW VARIABLES LIKE \'have_innodb\'');
            $row = $forum_db->fetch_assoc($result);
            if (!$row || !isset($row['Value']) || strtolower($row['Value']) != 'yes')
                error($lang_install['MySQL InnoDB Not Supported']);

based on … 2#10517292

1) are you using extensions that may be interferring?

2) instead of global mail  to all users, you could post message
while you sort out the issue... ?

This part in the .next include/parser.php   (line 803)

$text = preg_replace($pattern, $replace, $text);

still throws

Deprecated: preg_replace() [function.preg-replace.php]: The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in

at me...
any idea, anyone?

It was
Fancy Video Tag 0.4.9
that was causing the problem.
Now solved...


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Also see this discussion...

I was just pm'ed about this code I had on my website (published end of 2011)
seems it doesn't work
if someone could get it to work please feel free to publish!

<extension engine="1.0">
<title>Ignore User</title>
Allows users to ignore posts of other users.  Links are added to the post header to ignore and to ignored posts for un-ignore.
        Changes for v0.2 - removed user information for ignored users.
<minversion>1.3 Beta</minversion>
<maxtestedon>1.3 Beta</maxtestedon>


    if (!$forum_db->table_exists($forum_db->prefix.'ignore_users'))
                $sql = 'CREATE TABLE '.$forum_db->prefix.'ignore_users (
                      user_id INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
                      ignore_user_id INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL ,
                      PRIMARY KEY (user_id,ignore_user_id)
                    )' ;

        $forum_db->query($sql) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);


    // Uninstall code here

    $forum_db->query('DROP TABLE '.$forum_db->prefix.'ignore_users');
<hook id="vt_qr_get_posts">

        // Hook code here
    $query['SELECT'] .= ',iu.ignore_user_id as ignore_user_id';
    $query['JOINS'][] =array(
            'LEFT JOIN'        => 'ignore_users AS iu',
            'ON'            => 'p.poster_id = iu.ignore_user_id AND iu.user_id ='.$forum_user['id']);

<hook id="vt_start">

    if (file_exists($ext_info['path'].'/lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'.php'))
            require $ext_info['path'].'/lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'.php';
            require $ext_info['path'].'/lang/English.php';

<hook id="vt_row_pre_display">

        // Hook code here

                $forum_page['message']['message']= '<span id="ignore_msg">'.$lang_ignore['ignore_message'].'<a href="'.$ext_info['path'].'/ignore_funcs.php?type=unignore&id='.$cur_post['poster_id'].'&redir='.forum_link($forum_url['post'], $cur_post['id']).'" >'.$lang_ignore['ignore_click'].'</a>'.$lang_ignore['ignore_click_end'].'</span>';
                $forum_page['message']['edited'] = '';
                $forum_page['message']['signature']= '';
                if ($cur_post['location'] != '')
                    $forum_page['user_info']['from'] ='';
                $forum_page['user_info']['ignore'] = '<li><span><a href="'.$ext_info['path'].'/ignore_funcs.php?type=unignore&id='.$cur_post['poster_id'].'&redir='.forum_link($forum_url['post'], $cur_post['id']).'" >'.$lang_ignore['un-ignore_message'].'</a></span></li>';

                $forum_page['user_info']['ignore'] = '<li><span><a href="'.$ext_info['path'].'/ignore_funcs.php?type=ignore&id='.$cur_post['poster_id'].'&redir='.forum_link($forum_url['post'], $cur_post['id']).'" >'.$lang_ignore['ignore_user'].'</a></span></li>';



Your first task now is to reinstall the default style (if necessary re-upload entire forum).
then upload the downloaded theme to  'yourforum/style/' folder.

There are two places you need to change the theme so that it shows across the site for all users including yourself
1. in profile of administrator
2. in administration area general settings

kenshi64 wrote:

UPDATE: So far I uploaded the unzipped contents individually to the folder ( don't ask) and I selected hydrogen from the drop down in settings and saved. But no changes, do I need to clear my cache?

Hi, you need to change your profile default theme aswell, if you want to see it when logged in.
If you log out you should see the theme you selected and saved initially.

Rudi Timmermans wrote:


Is there already a new update of the Dutch version for the last version of the forum?


Regarding dutch pack:


Info Thread … uage-pack/

You just need to add a few translations of new text that didn't exist in 1.3 yet... but it will save you lots of time!


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Here's one:

sypie wrote:

I just wanted to download this mod but all the downloadlinks are giving me an error.

Anyone to give me a hand (or the zipped file of the latest version?).


Orginal on Quadric Website … php?id=105

Upload to Mediafire


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english language "Download" on that site wouldn't be bad idea though!

Try this link

his website is working though!

you uploaded 'folder contents' instead of 'folder'....


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but you need to use an existing hook...  line 50 of your manifest.xml below, or ask for addition of a hook where you need it in source code....

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE extension SYSTEM "ext-1.0.dtd">

 * Automatically detect correct originating IP when using Incapsula
 * @copyright (C) 2012 incapsula_k0nsl for PunBB (C)
 * @copyright Copyright (C) 2012 k0nsl ([url][/url])
 * @license [url][/url] GPL version 2 or higher
 * @package incapsula_k0nsl

<extension engine="1.0">
    <title>Incapsula IP Correction Plugin</title>
    <description>Automatically detect correct originating IP when using Incapsula</description>

    <!-- -->


        // Add extension options to the config table
        forum_config_add('incapsula_k0nsl_index', '1');
        forum_config_add('incapsula_k0nsl_enable', '1');

       // Remove extension options


      <!-- that's my one and only hook, so simple. -->
        <hook id="k0nsl_main_hook"><![CDATA[

            if ($form['incapsula_k0nsl_enable'] == '0') {
                require_once $ext_info['path'].'/incapsula_k0nsl.php';



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just as a sidenote... with AKISMET and FANCY STOP SPAM you should eradicte most of the spam with no moderating on your part...

If you're getting spam posts with the same URL time after time I recommend URL Checker (if you report the offending URL to me, I add it to the database and from that point onwards, all attempts to post that URL will be blocked)


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Batman wrote:

i wish we can get the page making kind of function extension to create contact form and for other pages sad

You can use this extension … cy-policy/
to add extra pages.... instead of FAQ and Privacy you can name them as you wish....

Not solution for contact form neccessarily but help for extra pages...

this post also of interest on that subject


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did you make sure you're saving as UTF-8 ?

the second post here should help you; … p-address/


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Over 1.3 Million URLs checked this month with this extension web-wide.

Thanks downloadable here with your changes Chipotle

Easiest would be to block the ip number block from bangladesh...
via htaccess....


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A user on the french support board reported trouble seeing the avatars;
the solution he found:
file /img/avatars/.htaccess


Deny from all
<FilesMatch "\.(gif|jpg|png)$">
    Allow from all


Deny from all
<Files "*.gif">
Allow from all
<Files "*.png">
Allow from all
<Files "*.jpg">
Allow from all


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     Copyright and disclaimer
This package and its contents are (C) 2002-2012 PunBB, all rights reserved.
Partially based on code (C) 2008-2009

There's no need for a link in admin user interface.
Have a lawyer put forward your counter arguments if you disagree...

halsafar wrote:

Yes I have all the captcha and anti spam extensions commonly used which seem completely ineffective.

Just on your last point:

Captcha = ineffective, not recommended (unless, maybe, you have ReCaptcha extension)


Q&A = pun_stop_bots v0.3.3 (minus the code for checking registered users posting)