You mean archive it? I think that would be a cool added feature, but that it should be added - have a seperate Archive and Delete function.

There are some posts I want gone all the way. wink


...and so on and so forth. Until punBB reaches the punBB ESP version, where I can telepathically browse the message-boards. wink  Can't wait!

No, its just that I've been waiting all this time for 1.3 for some of the changes that have been made. What I'll do is just stick with 1.3 for a while (even if 1.4 is released) unless 1.4 has some ultimate feature that completely blows me away.


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I was so confused when this showed up on my RSS feed as new when I checked the date.

Wait a second - with the release of 1.3, aren't all these mods going to be useless?
I mean - I'm willing to pay some good money to get my mod done, but I think I'll wait until 1.3. I want my money to last a bit.


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Hacking and Phreaking portals - yay.

I love the logo and color-schemes though. I'll check out your DVD once it comes out. wink


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Looks great!

wink Awesome...Works fine in Fx Beta 2 and 1024x768 - confirmed.


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Seems like Runescape.
hmm As if there weren't 4,000 Runescape-ish boards already.

I really don't know where you would start. Probably aught to come up with a unique idea that will attract people to the board.


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pogenwurst wrote:

Ok. I just wasn't sure. The "But the truth is" part kind of tripped me up.

That was for the benefit of everyone else. Heh.
Sorry 'bout that.

Check out my blog post:IE: -20, Fx: -3. IE still loses.


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lament wrote:

you guys haven't heard of Reinvigorate?

it's the first thing i thought of when i saw Mint.  pretty much functions like Mint, but it's free.

New version soon, so you can't really test it out yet. they're having a closed beta test currently.

I used to use it before it went to Private Beta.
Was a beautiful thing, it was. Way ahead of its time.


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pogenwurt - Yeah, I know. I was backing up/reenforcing your point.

Heh...sorry for the confusion.


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pogenwurst wrote:

I'm just plain sick of those kind of arguments. The number of security bugs doesn't matter. It's the severity of those bugs, how long it takes to patch them (if they are patched at all), and how those bugs are exploited by hackers and purveyors of spyware, adware, etc.


But the truth is that Microsoft is very, very lax when it comes to security. In fact, they just recently skipped a security upgrade and rolled it over to the following month. Was it because there weren't any fixes? No...Actually, there were a few critical fixes that would prevent more browser hijacking.
It was sheer laziness.

The Moz people are on top of things. Errors are discovered and fixed very promptly. And usually aren't *that* severe. Nothing as bad as IE anyways. That what you get for grafting the browser so closely to the OS.

Steve - Heh...yeah. I was typing fast and didn't check my spelling. Thanks for the catch.

Thanks for the kind words. big_smile

I have majorly changed my page and punBB from originally and didn't want to start an entire topic for my same site, so I just updated this one.

Info on the upgrade is in the first post.

ross3093 wrote:

when i post it says i have dollars but then what am i supposed to do with them? i cant see the lottery or bank thingy? am i supposed 2

You have to add the links to 'lottery.php', 'donate.php', and 'bank.php' into your menu by using the Admin panel.

Pikey wrote:

Well the point was that the newest topic in this forum becoms the frontpage article of my site, I want others to be able to post things too, but only quality topics, no junk, therefore the topic itself needs to be looked over and approved. The comments and so forth are like regular comments.

Oooo...that's a smart idea! I hadn't thought of that before!

This might be perfect for making a forum-based community blog. yikes

What you can do, so you can do this without modding, is change the forum permissions so that people can't post new topics. Then, you create another forum, and set it so people can't read it but can post new threads in it. Post the posting link for the second forum in the description of the first. Mods can read the second, if it's OK they move it to the real forum.
It gets a bit harder if you want to moderate posts as well (and would probably end up being a mod then)

Thanks so much for this, Smarty's. I'm going to start testing this.

// *wary

And I'll try it out on my test-board ASAP.
Thanks! big_smile

downliner wrote:

I can see the point of a cash mod and a shop mod sounds great but can someone explain in a little more detail what the RPG mod will be? Since it is related to this cash mod I thought I'd ask here. I know RPG stands for role playing game but what kind of rpg can be played on a message board?

There are many instances of board-based RPGs. Its not so much a full RPG system, it just adds a little excitement to everyday posting.
It allows stuff such as random events (like any RPG videogame...monsters and whatnot jumping out of nowhere), user-based stats such as MP/HP/etc, fighting, collecting/buying/selling/trading items which allow certain forum or RPG based events or permissions, etc.

1) Auto refil? The point is people put money in the pot, then someone can win what other people put in it..
2) There is a setting in the plugin to show the last winner of the lottery everytime someone loses.
3) "User is pot win the user win pot has been won".... Umm... WTF?
4) They're crowded 'cause my HTML skills suck tongue
If someone else feels up to making it look nicer, it would be appreciated a lot

1) No....I mean, to auto-restart the pot. Sorry if I was confusing. So that people won't come to the pot and see this 0 there and the choice to still buy a ticket. So, if the pot is 45 and someone wins, and I have the minimum at 10, it automatically goes back to 10.
Right now people can still buy a ticket when the pot is 0.
That doesn't really make sense, but it could happen.

2) I see that - but where does it announce it? After someone wins, only the Admins see it - and only if they go all the way into the plugins menu, click Cash Mod, then click on General Options. How else do they know to go there?

3) I know...WTF? This is a direct quote: "erissiva last won the lottery and won erissiva last won the lottery and won 2 dollars. dollars." Sometimes its just "erissiva last won the lottery and won 2 dollars.", but it seems to vary randomly. Oh, and the 2 dollar pot was just for testing purposes.

4) Heh...I'll whip something up ASAP

Ok...a few issues I've noticed:

1) Perhaps auto-refill the lottery pot? Or even disable it while an announcement is made so that someone will see it to refill it.
On that note....

2) Announcement of lottery winner. This needs to be dome in some form so that someone will see that its been won. Hiding it away in the plugin system to never be found again isn't too helpful.

3) Bugish thing: When someone wins, the place under plugin where the value of the pot should be is grammatically incorrect. It says something like "User is pot win the user win pot has been won" or something of this sort.

4) Better layout for lottery, bank, and donate. They're a bit crowded.


Connorhd wrote:

well you could do the same thing, but make it so it gets the normal rank, then if there is a group rank in the grouprank table overwrite the normal rank.

Even better - that would make it much simpler to code. Like a if/then/else function?

Like: IF group THEN display group rank ELSE display forum rank...

So, how hard would this be to code? Over the years I have learned 0 PHP and I'm afraid that I would have to learn a ton for this simple mod, and then I would never use it again.

Anyone help me out? Would be much appreciated. Perhaps I could compensate you...custom banners/buttons/templates/etc in exchange?

1) Had no clue...odd.

2) Actually, no. I just like to have a little difference in my forums. Not using an RPG or anything. It's just a general chat board, but the users have a choice of joining 1 of 3 groups after a certain amount of posts. In these groups (which have seperate ideals), their ranks change according to the group they're in. This would make it much easier to keep track of who is in what group, and how far up they are.'

Edit: Connor - no. The people who don't want to join a group will retain the general forum ranks. Those who want to join a group will have the group rank replace the forum standard.

Is it?
I don't want it as a Feature Request to punBB, because I know it won't get added. I just need it for my personal forum. I am making a Mod request - not a feature request.

But thanks anyways.

Does anybody know how this could be done?

This is kind of similar to this post:

I need to be able to have seperate ranks depending on which group a member is a part of. This is seperate from the forum ranks - I would like to keep that system intact.


Group 1:
n00b - 5 posts
Dork - 10 posts
Cheese - 25 posts

Group 2:
f0rk - 5 posts
dweeb - 10 posts
Kahuna - 25 posts

General Forum:
New Member - 5 posts
Member - 10 posts
Active Member - 25 posts

How hard would this be to do?

Works like a charm!