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Actually, he is a hacker.

No. He is a cracker. Wrong terminology and common mistake.

# noun:   a programmer for whom computing is its own reward; may enjoy the challenge of breaking into other computers but does no harm

noun:   a programmer who `cracks' (gains unauthorized access to) computers, typically to do malicious things

Crackers are one of the lowest forms of life. Their whole purpose is to destroy with intent to bring themselves fame. Although most of them give up when they realize that there are better ways to go about it.

You should really be more careful about claiming someone is a script kiddy.  If he thinks he's being challenged, he will find an exploit for your forums, if he spends a week or more doing it.

Let him go ahead and waste his time. I make daily backups of my site, as does my webhost. Even if he does take it down it will only take a couple more minutes to restore it to it's original state as well as discover the flaw using RAW access logs. wink Plus, supposed "crackers" do challenging things to make themselves feel better. It's not really that much of a challenge to hit someone's personal blog and gallery that barely pull in 30 hits a day. roll

Have I had my site cracked and defaced before?
Yes, back when I was a naive user that used unsecure software such as postnuke. But the exploit was one that could easily found by trawling the software's own security pages. roll Whoopee....The next Mitnick I presume? Um...No.

Do I care?
Not really. Like I said - Minor inconvenience that no one will notice.

In computing, a script kiddie (occasionally script bunny or script kitty) is a derogatory term for inexperienced crackers who use scripts and programs developed by others for the purpose of compromising computer accounts and files, and for launching attacks on whole computer systems (see DoS). In general, they do not have the ability to write said programs on their own. Such programs have included WinNuke applications and Back Orifice.

Script kiddies, instead of attacking an individual system, often scan thousands of computers looking for vulnerable targets before initiating an attack. The term is also often used as a derogatory spam for individuals who do not contribute to the development of new security-related programs, especially exploits, but rather benefit from the work of others.

Still firmly believe that. And, I wasn't personally attacking that individual, just his line of "work".
Be sure to forward this post to him. wink

Cheers! big_smile

Edit: After a simple Google search, it turns out that there are numerous Lacertosums. There is one legitimate one who runs the site http://hackthissite.com and is a legitimate hacker and who discovered the "WebCT 4.1 XSS" exploit.  But, as we have discussed before, this is a non-malicious person. Sorry about the confusion.


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Nono....I was just using an example. I'm not comparing the 2 OSs. I was just saying that it's a similar situation.


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Quotes from the website:

Beneath the appealing, easy-to-use interface of Mac OS X is a rock-solid foundation that is engineered for stability, reliability, and performance. This foundation is a core operating system commonly known as Darwin.

Darwin is the core of Mac OS X.

To be more technical, however - It's like running a stripped down version of windows without Explorer.


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Connorhd wrote:

i really don't like mambo, but maybe i'm just cynical tongue

No, you're not cynical. I don't like it either.


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Connorhd wrote:

i doubt they will sell it to be install on any pc, considering the amount of hardware they would have to support

Wait...Isn't the OS open source though?
I was almost positive that is was...

Oh, wait - yeah it is:



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Does this give room for duel-boot of Windoze and Mac?

Was wondering when something like this would come out for punBB.

The only way this would be complete is if you could click on the 'hover-state' background and be taken to the correct place, as if the entire cell was a link.


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Um - Firefox has a great ad-blocker plugin.


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Actually, I think that's because they only exist in this punBB thread...

Sad, isn't it?


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Amazing integration!

If there was a jaw-drop smiley here, I would use it...This is exactly what I've been looking for.


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Rickard - I think (I could be completely off) that they're worried about this happening on their own punBB board because of the cookie issue.


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Well, as far as I can tell from his post, he's a script-kiddie (i.e.: No cracking skill whatsoever other than the infamous "cut/paste" methodology from vulnerability lists) and has no real skills at all.
From his "testing"...Nothing happened. Didn't work.

Here's the thing - If people go around posting things that start with phrases such as "As a hacker..." or "I'm a hacker..." you can almost guarantee that they're not.

yelowpunk wrote:

Will PMmod 1.2.1 work well with PunBB 1.2.5?

Are you going to release a version that is fully compatible? I would like to implement PMing into my forums but don't want anything funny to happen. smile



It already works perfectly in 1.2.5. I'm currently using it on my 1.2.5 board. What I said in that last post had something to do with a minor bug that I thought existed, but was only a rumor. wink

Connorhd wrote:

erissiva: read what goober said again, its totally wrong

Goober: they both want post counts not to count in a certain forum at least i think so, not posting to be disabled in certain parts of the forum

and both requests are the same

*lol* I read that too fast...Sorry.
I thought that the other request was for display only (hence my comment).

But - regardless - This is a feature request. That's why it's been posted here. wink


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Gotcha...Thanks. wink


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Paul wrote:

Should've gone to Specsavers.

Thanks to Google for being able to track down Paul's UK-reference.

Goober wrote:

Connorhd, I think she is asking for a mod or a feature that allows posting to be disabled in certain parts of the forum...

Thank you.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm asking for. wink

I don't want it to just not be displayed - I don't want it to be counted.


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We're putting the finishing touches to it, look familiar?

Not really - although I'm not sure what you mean by that.

What are the major changes in the new version?

A couple systems have it, and I see a need for it.

What I'm requesting is the ability to disable posts from counting on a forum to forum basis.
This means that if I have a "Testing" board or a "Trash" board, I can have an option that disables post counts from going up when posting in that forum.

Like, lets say that I make 5 total posts on a board, but 4 have been in the board that has post counts disabled - this would mean that my post counter would only read as me making 1 post.


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Paul wrote:

You could try * html .sgGallery {height: 1%}

I think its the peekaboo bug as detailed here
http://www.positioniseverything.net/exp … kaboo.html

That site has a pretty good section on all the IE bugs so its well worth a look.

BTW: What the hell is a "schtuffle".

Thanks for the tip wink
I'll try it out.

As for the question:

schtuffle (noun)
noun:   information in some unspecified form (Example: "It was schtuffle I had heard before")
noun:   the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object (Example: "Wheat is the schtuffle they use to make bread")

Ok...That kind of worked...The Peekaboo bug is gone now, but the positioning of the tables is screwed up. For some odd reason, the second table is a little smaller than the first. However, they're both defined with the same variable.


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No...This is not free advertising...If I wanted that I would spam a forum that I know would get my post read for spam. roll
The reason I'm asking here - however - is because I know that some of the people on this site have extensive knowledge in this area and have been helpful to me in the past.

Anyways - I've been having some wierd issues with IE and my gallery.
I've validated both the XHTML and the CSS - it all checks out.

In Firefox it works perfectly, but in IE some of the page disappears. I know that sounds wierd so I have a screenshots (click to enlarge):

The url is here:

Like I said - I only experience these errors in IE.


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druvans wrote:

BTW where is this iSticky and closed defined ?

Like parsed? Or otherwise?

Read the source...It will tell you all the different classes around each defined thingy.
Yes - Thingy.

Anywho, "View Source" is your friend.