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Are any of you in Gothenburg then?

I swear its not just me being funny, it couldn't have worked out any more beautifully.

Also, Czech Republic/Holland was once of the best games I've seen in a long time.

I thought it was no coincidence the way the groups were drawn:

-Spain and Portgual - neighbours and rivals
-England and France - Le Rosbifs vs The Frogs
-Sweden and Denmark - battle of the blondes
-Holland and Germany - they REALLY hate each other

Yeh but I'm not going to load character map for one little umlaut. And in England we just say "Allback" anyway, so it makes no odds to me.

Zlatan was very fortunate, Vieri was SO close to heading that away

Pfffft, he didn't know what he was doing. Fortunately for him, he is so gangly that his long leg hooked it in.

The only good things about Sweden are Allback and Mellberg :)

I could've gone to Sweden-Denmark. I had the chance to get tickets for that game, as well as Italy-Denmark and Greece-Spain, but exams were in the way :(

Also, the other day I was about to put an 11/2 bet on Spain/Greece to draw and Portugal to win. I didn't :(

Still enjoying it?

I did warn you in the thread title.

Hehehe, Latvia are leading Czech Republic 1-0 at half time :)

When Larsson scored, he ran over to the sideline, where Allback hugged him and picked him up.

When Allback scored, he went and found Larsson to hug him too. I think thats good. It would've been easy for Allback to get annoyed, because Larsson announced he was going to play for Sweden again and walked back into the team, at the cost of Allback's place.

At a guess, Larsson will have met up with Allback, taken him to one side and said, "Sorry mate, didn't mean to walk back into the team, no hard feelings?"

Seems alright.

I'm not sure if only UK visitors will be able to use this, but you can see videos of all the goals from all the Euro2004 games here:

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/footbal … efault.stm

Larsson's 1st was majestic.

Marcus Allback scoring pleases me too, being a Villa fan.

Brilliant! On another forum I post in, a guy made this post, with the title Right then, five matches in and only one "proper" goal scored.

Before anyone gets pedantic my definition of "proper" is a goal that hasn't come about from someone c*cking up. So:

1. Portuguese right-back gives the ball away, allowing Greece to score.

2. Ronaldo fouls to give Greece pen.

3. Spains goal was a "proper" one (I think, very drunk at the time)

4. Heskey.

5. Gerrard.

6. Two nil-nils.

Of course the Swedes will probably score five goals, all through open play, all created by moments of genius, but I found out interesting. 

Perhaps an indication of how close all the teams are this year?

Flame away, I care not

Its a tough call, but its the sort of headache Sven will enjoy. Personally he can't really do wrong.

However I think you have to look at it realistically. King playing well shocked us all - we just didn't expect it. He's spent all year playing in midfield for a mid-table side. Whereas John Terry has had a great season at centre back, finishing 2nd in the league and semi-finalists in the Champions League. King is a good replacement, but you've got to hedge your bets and choose Terry.

Holland are always hard to beat - its just that they don't win. They will be just like Spain in that they are always a threat, but they never go the distance.

France are obvious favourites, but are far too arrogant for me. I think if it came to the crunch this time round, they will bottle it like they did in 2002.

Portugal and England are my two favourites though. I just think England have 11 quality players, not a weak position on the pitch. People say the left side is a problem but we do have 4 quality midfielders. Despite losing to Greece, I would still rate Portugal. You can't underestimate the power of home support.

I say with dread though, watch out for Germany. No-one gives them a chance, which is the worst thing you can do.


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Charisma Carpenter, Elisha Cuthbert...

I'm going to enjoy this thread :)

I thought the game yesterday was totally ironic.

Before the game, everyone said Gerrard would win us the tournament, and that Ledley King was a liability.

In the end, Gerrard cost us the game and King was awesome. Ho hum!

When you've just conceded a 91st minute goal, and one of your team mates plays it through to the best player in the world this season, I applaud David James' restraint for not punching Henry.

The ref was kind and didn't send him off when he clearly could have. Collina sent Barthez off for something similar in the UEFA Cup final this year which I thought spoilt the game.

Just for the record Rickard, its Emile Heskey and Steven Gerrard who are getting all the stick. Not many people are blaming David James, because the pass back to him was awful.

The Gary Neville handball was dubious, could have gone either way, whereas the England one was definitely a penalty, and should really have been sent off.

I'm surprised not many England fans went on the rampage in Lisbon last night.

I feel sick.

I messed up with a girl on Friday, and sent her a message in the 88th minute saying, "Sorting things out with you is more important than any England game".

We lost, and she's still pissed off with me.

Bad, bad weekend.

Nice one. During these European Championships, I'm off school on study leave and spending all my time in the pub.

But your way sounds nice too .. ;)

Nothing like a good atmosphere to watch football in

I have around 10 people coming round my house for the France game. Off to the supermarket to get the beers in, my step-mum is on food patrol, and I've been given the green light to re-arrange all the furniture. Should be good (if we win..)

Portugal should only be annoyed at their own performance. They relied far too heavily on Figo and never got out of 1st gear.

Fair play to Greece who took the game to Portugal whilst still maintaining a solid defence. Stupid decision award goes to Christiano Ronaldo, who decided he would bodycheck the Greek forward in the area..