1. image in signatures: check this post

2. how is a moderator suppose to moderate (ban, suspend  IPs (!) etc) if he can't see the info?

Great stuff.

BTW: Would this also work for uploading say mp3 files? then using the mp3 extension to let users share their music (non-copyrighted of course tongue ) ?


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Val wrote:

Works fine for other members.
But Administrator's style is Oxygen still :-(

How can I change it to Urban too?

Profile of Admin, then settings...


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here you go
dimkalinux' extension FANCY VIDEO TAG


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Okay after some more research I was told that I'm embedding the whole of openstreetmap - which obviously isn't a good idea...

found this plugin for wordpress ( on … Slippy_Map -  but looks out of my depth to implement this...

but download numbers suggest there's interest in the community for this opensource map feature as an extension...

I've uploaded some pages of the plugin here

osm-options.php for wordpress
osm-openlayers.php for wordpress
osm.php for wordpress


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Seems to be a bug;
line 615 of extension manifest.xml

<hook id="fn_generate_navlinks_end"><![CDATA[
            if (!$lang_ajax_rating) {
                if (file_exists($ext_info['path'].'/lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'/'.$ext_info['id'].'.php'))
                    include_once $ext_info['path'].'/lang/'.$forum_user['language'].'/'.$ext_info['id'].'.php';
                    include_once $ext_info['path'].'/lang/English/'.$ext_info['id'].'.php';
            $links['ajax_rating_toprated'] = '<li id="navtoprated"'.((FORUM_PAGE == 'toprated') ? ' class="isactive"' : '').'><a href="'.forum_link('toprated.php').'">'.$lang_ajax_rating['Post ratings'].'</a></li>';

in punbb 1.4.x

Notice: Undefined variable: lang_ajax_rating in /home/.../include/functions.php(492) : eval()'d code on line 35

in punbb 1.3.x

Notice: Undefined variable: lang_ajax_rating in /home/.../include/functions.php(468) : eval()'d code on line 10

functions.php  line 468

    ($hook = get_hook('fn_generate_navlinks_end')) ? eval($hook) : null; … ing-on-14/

Quadric wrote:

Confirmed. The problem is that plupload cover the upload button with his own invisible container. I'll try to fix that.
I'll try to upload this new version asap.

Looking forward to it, this extension really shows images in a nice fashion. Thank you.


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found the setting in
will test.


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Just noticed something

Guest tries to register with email in sfs database, fancy_stop_spam picks that up and stops registeration


SAME IP with 'clean' email address registers and posts spam

Is there some way you could include
prohibit new attempt from same IP (example; within 48 hours)  ? [ IF the guest has already been caught trying to register with know spam email address...]

8k84 wrote:

I'd like to allow quest posting to certain areas of my forum, and this extension does not check those.

Akismet extension for PunBB 1.3 catches a lot of guest posts that are spam in my experience...

RE: Antispam extension; is it possible any other extensions are interfering with it? Any changes you or your host made since dec 20th?

Small bug;
the upload button qia-pick-files doesn't act the same as qia-browse-files.
background doesn't change color on hover (qia-pickl-files)..


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I am. But it is a feature request, it doesn't exist yet.

In the meantime; … se-google/


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Check with the user who posted here if he found a solution (by adding reply to his post); … irst-post/

It doesn't exist yet...

Try and use EITHER fancy_stop_spam or sfs_antispam...

see if those work for you...



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This you mean … dden-code/

@dimkalinux: has a better cockpit feel to it if important info (name + install lines) is on one line (+expandable additional information), imo
something to consider for 1.4.3 then ... smile

All Captchas are pretty much hacked by standard spamming software and I'd advise to use

Pun_stop_bots Questions.
Choose questions that aren't too easy! No 2+2 or 'What color is the sky'. (not sure it's tested for PunBB 1.4.x though!)

Also EITHER fancy_stop_spam (get an API key from or sfs_antispam is a must have.

If you have human spammers posting links;
URL Checker (report spammers links to me - along with all info like IP, email!)

Make sure you have email verfication on in  Administration → Settings → Registration


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1. Cache will be fixed in next release (end of January) (cache issue)

2. Manual is fast and easy...

3. Great about the croatian. Most only need front end...


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priv1 wrote:

My bigger issue is 1 - enable/disable registration rule for same ip adress deny

in register.php

    // Check that someone from this IP didn't register a user within the last hour (DoS prevention)
    $query = array(
        'SELECT'    => 'COUNT(',
        'FROM'        => 'users AS u',
        'WHERE'        => 'u.registration_ip=\''.$forum_db->escape(get_remote_address()).'\' AND u.registered>'.(time() - 3600)

    ($hook = get_hook('rg_register_qr_check_register_flood')) ? eval($hook) : null;
    $result = $forum_db->query_build($query) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);
    if ($forum_db->result($result) > 0)
        $errors[] = $lang_profile['Registration flood'];

change as desired, not poss from admin section...


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priv1 wrote:

2 - I can't seem to get the new favicon working, any trick with that?

Use a good tool,

In some cases a reload won't be enough, you need to restart browser...


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big_smile Hard to say after reading his elaborate post tongue ,
probably your right though .


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for board footer



change to

for threads/posts

Some ideas I wanted to float...

What would make extension management interface user-friendlier

  • one line instead of five for each extension

  • small(er) font

What would make having most up to date extensions easier

  • repository tab with unofficial extensions (either a database that keeps track of latest version number only OR a repository like for official extensions that has the extensions ready for download

  • possibility to turn on auto-alert with checking for newest version of unofficial extensions availability

  • extension developers sending their extensions for upload


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Currently there isn't specifically such an extension (addon).

fast way;
in include/template/main.tpl

you can add a <div> with the code for the 'donation bar'

best way
or you can write an extension

that uses a hook (like for extension active topics by Grez) to place something where you need it...

What is the code the forum above uses? (paste it between [ code ] tags)