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Really at 1280x1024 a one pixel difference isn't all that much...
But it's nice to know your thinking of our eyes smile


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I think the table is only locked if you are inserting into it or updating it, so it shouldn't be slowed down by reading. Also if your files are small enough (and they are used enough) then they will probably be kept in memory by the operating system.

I did that for a while and it worked fine, although I was running the local webserver on the same port as was being redirected.


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Maybe you should write it as a mod, that way people who want it could use it, but people who didn't could use the current system.


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Thanks, I searched but I guess I missed it


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Name: J Blackwood
Age: 19
Where: Canada
Interests: Programming and sailing
Occupation: CS Student / Running nxor.org


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One thing which I miss from almost all other forum software is a 'Next Page' link next to the page numbers. It's just so much easier than making sure you click on the correct page number; just click next page and your there!

Just a thought, but as it's such a small change (i think...) maybe it'll get implemented smile


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I'm looking forward to 1.2 and yet fearing it. I've put a lot of effort into hacking punbb to bits, and I'm not really looking forward to doing it again. However, some of the new features (such as user groups) look so very enticing...

wow, just as soon as I notice it, I solve the problem smile
It seems that the clock on my server got set to last month, so the post dates were for last month, but before the latest posts last month. Strangly enough the date shown by viewtopic.php was today...

Upon further observation it would appear that the threads that were in the forum before, now just stay in the same order. A reply on one of the new threads moves it to the top of the recent threads, but not to the top of all the threads.

When I create new threads they show up at the bottom of the thread list. This problem just started recently, and I haven't changed any files since the install. For an example see http://forums.nxor.org/viewforum.php?id=2


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I modded the forums to have a hidden property as well, i just haven't fully modded it yet.

Upon further thought, I left the site contents visible on the search page, since one of the reasons for using punbb for content management was to be able to search the entire site, not just the forums.


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A while ago I lost my site to a server crash, and while I was rebuilding it I started customizing punbb to fit the site. Now I have fully integrated punbb into my site, and I must say boy was it easy. I even got adventurous and wrote my own random quote script!

I used cuetseal's reply only mod, and a small hack I wrote to hide forums to turn punbb into a CMS as well.


Logged on as Admin:
Quote Admin:
Forums (not done yet)


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The only thing I had trouble with was making changing all the links so they were of the same class as the rest of the links on my site. I had to search through all the php scripts for the links and add the class.

Most of the stuff is just in the template file, you can move the navbar just by moving the <pun_navlinks> tag around.

The only other major thing I've been doing is condencing all the tables (mostly on the posts page). It really isn't necessary to have a table for each post when a row will do...


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Updated the site, but I had to rebuild my server a while back and I lost my DB sad


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I have a windows 2000 server with Apache and mysql. Dual P2 400s with a gig of ram; stable, fast, and easy to set up.


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I'm doing a gentoo install and decided to see what PunBB looks like with links2 (text web broswer). It actually renders perfectly to my suprise. Anyway hopefully 1.2 will work just as well smile


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Rickard wrote:

In large forums, we would end up with 0.1% ranks and stuff like that. Say the forums have a million posts.

So? If you wan't to have 5 ranks does it matter if the first is 0% to 0.1%, the next 0.1% -> 1%, etc.? As long as the percentages can be changed then it should be fine.

The problem wouldn't be with large forums, but with small forums. Say the total posts is 50 (early in the forums history...), one post would be 2% of the total posts. A big thread could lead to lots of title changes, because as each person posts, their percentage of the total would change a lot. Say I have 20 posts of 40, that's 50%, but if a big thread comes along and I know have 20 posts of 60, now I only have 33% of the total. In a forum with a million posts, 1 post would only be 0.0001%, so ratings would be more stable (although it would be hard to increase your rating...)

Perhaps if instead of the total posts, the number of posts in the last week or two weeks could be used. It most probably won't be anywhere near one million, but the percentages would still be fairly distinct. Such a system wwould reward currently active members, instead of people who posted for a bit, and didn't stay.

Anyway, I'm just rambling on... maybe when 1.2 is released i'll work on this as a mod smile


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Why not cache the total number of posts, and then make each person's rank dependent on what percentage of the forums total posts they have?


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firefox 0.9, IE only for updates


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that's cool!


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cuteseal wrote:

Maybe he means:

"How do I shoot an arrow from punbb to vbulletin 3?" big_smile

I think that'd be PunBB >>>------> vbulletin 3 tongue


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Er... found the same topic in discussions, but without any replys sad


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I dunno if this is the right place to post, but when visiting the main site i get a page that redirects to www.punbb.org, which gets the same page...

Is the site down for renovations, or is something fubar'd?