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As long as the code itself is under GPL, I don't have a problem with it. Personally, I'm appreciative for the great product Rickard and the team have created, regardless of who "owns" it.

Edit: Just saw the ads on the front page. Pretty unobtrusive if you ask me...


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Yes. If a solid structure to the wiki could be set up first by the dev team, then users could follow it. Disorganised wikis are hell...


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Rickard wrote:

Yeah. The documentation is getting an overhaul for 1.3. For that purpose, a wiki might not be a bad idea.

I'd like to second the idea of a wiki. While wikis have their disadvantages (inconsistency for one), I think it would be great if people outside the actual development team could contribute to documentation.


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Nice to have some official info about 1.3. Not incredibly keen about the sponsor but hey, if it makes the developer's lives easier then go for it.


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As Paul said, even if it is a dedicated server, the datacenter hosting that server will have an abuse policy in place. Most datacenters are quite quick to sort out any illegal activity (but it varies from place to place)


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elbekko wrote:

If the server is located in a country that actually cares about it, the police are the only ones that are allowed to do anything.

But usually servers like that are in Russia or Turkey, where there are absolutely no copyright laws.

Eh? Surely if the activity on punBB breaks the TOS of a host (or AUP), then the host will take action. So go to the host first, not the police....


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Its certainly overhyped, especially in terms of speed. For simple pages it does seem to have an edge, but barely, and on everything else its similar to Opera/Firefox. The default theme is quite hard to read too on a laptop screen...

Its disappointing really. Firefox and Opera are far, far better. I don't see this taking much market share unless they start bundling it with iTunes... From this 'beta', I certainly don't believe Macs have anything to boast about from the browser side of things.

I'm sure there is a query you could run which would do it, although I can't think of it off the top of my head. Haven't looked at punBBs database schema in ages...


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Strofanto wrote:
MadHatter wrote:

IMO its kind of lame to fork some else's work then promote your utensil on their website.

I respect your criticism but, ain't this exactly what the GPL license allows to do? As long as Sonrep provides the source code for SunBB he has all the rights to do it.

Yes, but to post it in the "Modifications" area of the original project's website is in my opinion, just damn rude. Create your own website and do it.

This just seems utterly pointless...


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Thanks, been wanting this for a while smile


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managed.com are cheap and not that cheerful.

Try asking at http://www.webhostingtalk.com smile


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Brilliant theme smile


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Why would we want to find intelligent life anyway, it'll probably just attack us tongue


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Congrats, hope you have a great day smile


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My school uses the exact same filtering software; its always checked content though.

There is nothing you can do against it, except find a good proxy browser (the filter will block almost all of them though)

Its nothing to do with punBB, just the content of the forum itself...


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Rickard wrote:

Nice job. Are you going to integrate the "look and feel" of the rest of the site into the forums? Shouldn't be too much problems.

I hadn't heard of musicCube, but it sure looks good. I've been considering switching from Winamp now that it's all bloated up (I'm still using 2.91). Maybe I should try out musicCube.

Exactly the same things with me.. just downloaded musicCube, its pretty good. Ditched winamp already tongue

Its worrying.. I'll just watch the site and see what happens. Nothing good, probably

OK, my bad.

XuMiX wrote:

lol, phpbb, ipb use them at least

But they still use cookies as well for the authentication system...

XuMiX wrote:

guys! we a re talking about moving authorization metod from cookie to sessions! its MUCH more secure to store data at server than at client, any malicious hacker can get punbb authorization data from cookie with javascript(of course if the browser allows it and most of them do, by default)

I hardly know a thing about sessions, but it just seems weird that hardly any other forum packages use them...


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You removed the copyright.. hm.

Show off your desktop smile

I'm using ImageShack and a thumbnail instead of the full blown image, so it doesn't take ages to download (for dialup users at least)




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LDU is the best. smile


Ridiculously overhyped by the media... So excited they thought he was dead a few times before it actually happened

sweet smile