1,501 Nested forums

by actorj

1,502 Site Request

by Dale

1,503 msn messanger

by actorj

1,505 Multiple Base URLs

by archker

1,506 logging

by saralk

1,508 In Depth Forums

by Dale

1,509 To be able to change time..

by zapher

1,510 Need a french translations

by old_mac

1,511 User stats

by Joey

1,513 Backup?

by sect0r527

1,514 upload images

by jambathehut

1,518 forum redirects

by Andy

1,520 Avatar on registering

by newPost

1,521 SQLite support

by Jansson

1,527 Link in Title

by Hewitt

1,528 Customized Forum

by Wooty

1,530 Editable ID

by Wooty