Well there we go like clock work. I am now assuming it is host related, but suggestions on what it may be would be handy. It has done it to both forums.

The test forum error:

Unable to write updates cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'.

Note: For detailed error information (necessary for troubleshooting), enable "DEBUG mode". To enable "DEBUG mode", open up the file config.php in a text editor, add a line that looks like "define('FORUM_DEBUG', 1);" (without the quotation marks), and re-upload the file. Once you've solved the problem, it is recommended that "DEBUG mode" be turned off again (just remove the line from the file and re-upload it).

The non test forum error:

Unable to write updates cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'.

The error occurred on line 389 in /home/vcommodo/public_html/forum/include/cache.php

Slavok wrote:

What is the version of your Forum? Have you any hotfixes installed?

PunBB 1.3.4 There are no hotfixes to apply.

I installed a fresh forum in another location to see if it also suffers from this issue. I will find out I guess next weekend. That way I have the current forum with all posts etc and another forum that has just been installed and has no posts etc (a virgin).

Slavok wrote:

After what actions did this problem appear?

It started doing it after moving hosts. I moved my hosting to the parent company of my old host. I notice it does it every weekend.


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I don't know what your not doing but as a test I opened main.tpl and removed the line

<!-- forum_title --> from

<div id="brd-head" class="gen-content">
    <!-- forum_skip -->
    <!-- forum_title -->
    <!-- forum_desc -->

So it looked like

<div id="brd-head" class="gen-content">
    <!-- forum_skip -->
    <!-- forum_desc -->

Clicked save and hit refresh on the browser and the title disappeared.

I would say once a week I go to visit a forum I run and get an error message that I can't write to the cache directory. I go an have a look and the permissions are 777. I have no choice but to empty the cache folder and all is well again for about another week.

The way I did it was to:

A: Make a copy of the data base but saved under another data base name eg: Original database name is forum make copied database name forum 2

B: Install 1.3 to a directory called forum2 and do not attempt to do the install script

C: Copy the config.php from the 1.2 forum and put it in the 1.3 forum directory. The config will have to be edited to reflect the data base location

$db_type = 'mysqli';
$db_host = 'localhost';
$db_name = 'change this to the copied database name (forum2)';
$db_username = 'change this (probably wont have to)';
$db_password = 'change this (probably won't have to)';

$db_prefix = '';
$p_connect = false;

$base_url = 'change this to http://etc etc/forum2';

The forum2 database config will have to modyfied as well the base url in config.

D: Then go to http://your forum2 location (where you installed it to) eg http://yoursite/forum2/ and it in theory will tell you your database needs upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3 follow the prompts.

If that goes well for you do what ya gotta do and once your done doing what you need doing you mass message everyone the forums are going to be down for abit.

I would download a backup of the 1.2 database plus the 1.2 forum folder to your computer for safe keeping. Its a matter of then copying avatars etc from the 1.2 directories and putting them in the right spots in the 1.3 forum2 folder, once your sure you have copyed all you need, then delete the 1.2 folder, rename the 1.3 folder to what the 1.2 was. Then delete the config.php from the newly named 1.3 folder plus whatever is in cache folder. Then upload the saved config from the 1.2.

It should if done correctly when you try to go to the forum url tell you that the forum needs to be updated to 1.3 which you let it do.

It will need some more tweaking for example the extensions will have to be reinstalled. They will exist in the 1.3 forums folder but the database won't have them listed as installed unless you copy the database info from the 1.3 you were messing with when I mentioned to make a copy of the 1.2 and convert it etc. I would personally just reinstall them, they won't need to be redownloaded just reinstalled.

If you used a private message system in 1.2 it is not compatable with the private message system in 1.3. I am currently working on an upgrade script. I have had to manually convert from a 1.2 to a the 1.3 private message system.

Parpalak wrote:

What error messages are displayed?

Are there any extensions installed?

The error message is :

"You appear to have logged in successfully, however a cookie has not been set. Please check your settings and if applicable, enable cookies for this website"

I do know have any extensions installed

I had 1.2.X then upgraded to the lasted version of pun 1.3.

I have read everything I can about the you are logged in but no cookie set issues in 1.3. I wanna know what changed between 1.2 and 1.3 to cause this. I am guessing that if it is the day light savings thing one would assume that while running 1.2 I would maybe suffer from it as well.

I am about to upgrade the forum from 1.2 to 1.3 but while testing I have found I have to click the index link on ie7, mozilla after logging in to get the error message to go away. I found ie8 nothing you click makes it go away.

I dont suffer these issues with 1.2 on any browser so I would really like to know what changed from 1.2 to cause this anomolly in 1.3 so I dont have anoyyed users.

I can't ask them to try all listed ideas I have read nor ask them to change browsers if the issues never existed prior to 1.3 can I.


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There is one feature I wouldn't mind seeing, an upgrade feature. If some one has upgraded their forum software from 1.2 to 1.3 and had been using connors pun pm. I am having to resort to trying to do it all manually.


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Um doesn't it already tell you in the Admin Settings for Manage Extensions ??

What if you whack a few together like I sometimes do. I guess if you preview first before sending you will see something has gone astray after the first smiley and potentially fix the problem before sending like below


Um as I was doing this example I noticed that if the smilies are not the same there is no problem, it appears to be if its the same smilie over and over again.


I also noticed that my 1.2 board doesn't have the issue if its the same smilie over and over again. It does though have the space being needed after a word.


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I was wondering is it possible to add another forum to Pun that is for Styles. It could be for style discussions and style downloads.


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Can you also not make them RAR's. I have winrar but not everyone does. It would be nice that everything released was a zip, so it conformed to the lowest common denominator.


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I want to know, visually 1.3 Flux and 1.3 Pun look the same. I am wondering what coding differences there are between the 2. Is pun just the code being downloaded from Flux SVN and being rebranded as Pun. If that is the case at what SVN version did you get to to not have the latest Flux SVN missing style code affect the layout of Pun.

I just realised. I am using IE and for all pun 1.3's (+flux) I have remember me ticked and I stay logged in. I am wondering could it be an extension your using that isn't in use on other 1.3's. These seem to be the only ones your using that aren't being used here.

post_edit_grace_period, favorite_topic, hide_topic

I am wondering is it one of these casuing the issue.

I noticed on your forum, that some are not suffering from the problem. I would ask them what their setup is, try and nut it out from there I guess.


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I just signed up also to your .info one. It also doesn't appear to need admin approval or email verification. It does though use a captcha, which wouldn't be that hard at all to use a character recognition software to find out what the characters are seeing as the numbers I had to enter were all solid on a white background, unlike some captchas you see that are not a solid character on a mixed coloured background.

I would personally use a wing ding font that displayed animals. It would make it harder for a bot to try and work out what an elephant or lion or tiger looked like.


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I just signed up to one of your blue white test forums you put in show off. If this isn't the forum your talking about it, then provide a link. I was able to though, sign up and post test as a reply to one of your threads. It was all done without needing admin approval, email verification and no captcha deterant.

If this is how all your forums are set up its like having the keys in your car, motor running and door left wide open while parked in a crime hotspot all the while hoping the car doesn't get stolen while your away.


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KeyDog wrote:


how is that possible
general question....

spambots love vanilla pun & flux - why

Well if you go and sign up to the link you provided like I did, you will see that it doesn't need email verification nor does it require admin approval or uses a captcha deterant. If that website is what a vanilla install is and is how your running your forum it's no wonder your getting spam registrations.


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KeyDog wrote:

once again v. helpful. roll

The initial question is itself thin on details. It reads to me as

"Someone registered on my forum, they can't post but they can register, they have the words viagra in their registration details, how could they register"

It would help if you explained how your board is setup. The plain vanilla install doesn't help either. To register on your site do they have to go through a captcha of some sort, do they have to be admion approved.................:rolleyes:


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There are some features in it I very much like. I am not a fan of the taskbar for some reason.


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Utchin wrote:

There are limmited styles avaliable for 1.3.X because the css and markup has a planned clean up and re-write, which will create the current styles un-useable.

Is this based on the time line of flux or you guys (pun) doing your own clean up rewrite of the markup.


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Utchin wrote:

The quicker and easier method could have been going to a MD5 converter such as http://md5.eikern.net/ and changing it in the database. cool

Which is exactly what I do.

parpalak wrote:
The_Fiddler wrote:

The extension has to be unloaded first, then the manfiest has to be edited, then the extension reloaded.

You can lose your data. For example, in pun_pm extension you can lose users' messages. I suggest a more convenient way. After editing the manifest.xml change the extension version (in manifest.xml too). For example, from 1.2.4 to Then you can just update the extension via the admin panel.

I probably should have mentioned that. I tested it on a non live forum, then later thought, hmmm probably not a good idea on one that is in use as it will drop the tables with the data in it as well.

I just tried what I suggested. It appears to work. The extension has to be unloaded first, then the manfiest has to be edited, then the extension reloaded.